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my reef is in my bedroom, 75 planted in the living room, and 30 something at the top of my stairs.
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I keep 75 gal in kitchen along with 10 gal quarantine and 80 gal .in living room and two 29 gal. at work in boilerroom where i spend the majority of the work day. Thinking bout a 40 gal on dresser in the bedroom. My place is very small so I can sit on the couch and see all three tanks at home.
In contemplating where i would place a tank,, Proximity to water is always my first thought followed by where to drain them to.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Wow. There are so many with more than one aquarium. :) Kind of like cats -- most people have more than one cat.

I resist the urge to get more! Well, getting another cat isn't hard to resist. One is way too many for me. ha!
I actually don't really have a desire to get more. One of these days I'd like to jump on the bandwagon with cichlids, but I really like the fish I have.
I keep my 20L on the counter between the kitchen and living room in my apartment. When I lay on the couch it's immediately viewable. .. and it's in a good place for maintenance.

3 Platies, 1 molly mut, 1 Siamese algae eater, 2 Neolamprologus Facicula cichlids
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My 100 gal is set up in a specially built alcove in the living room. You walk past it when you enter & exit my home. While I'm lying on the couch watching a movie I can look slightly to the left and get a full tank shot view. My two 6 gal sit side by side in my office.

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All my tanks stay in my room. The only time I had one set up in the living room was when I first moved in with my dad, and my bedroom was the size of a large closet. I could barely fit my hedgehog tank in there, so I set my five up in the TV stand in the living room. Other then, ALWAYS in my bedroom.
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I have two, well, make that three in the bedroom if you count the QT tank. 65 gal, 10 gal, 10 gal QT.

A 5 gal betta tank and a 36 gal GF tank in the living room.

A 210 gal tank built into the wall near the front door.

And last but not least a 55 gal brackish tank in the furnished basement.
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My 48 gallon corner tank stays in the family room. My kids get a kick out of watching the fish and so do I. My 6 gallon tank at work is right behind me, it was really the only free space I had in my office for it. I'm working on getting my hands on a ~30 gallon tank that'll be going in my office at home.

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I keep my 20 gal in my room so I'm with my fishies all the time. My mom keeps her 5 gal on the kitchen bar area so I assume it's just wherever people feel most comfortable with it and have room to keep it
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I have a large tank in the Formal Dining room against a large wall where the stairs go up I also have a small 5 gal. in the dining room. I have a small 6 gal. tank in the kitchen on a stand next to my dining table. I also have a small 2 1/2 tank in our office/computer area of the house.
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I keep my tanks in my bedroom simply because it is a place that actually had space, and it's closer to the bathroom than the living room, and easier for me to do water changes there. They're scattered all around my bedroom really. I keep a 3.5 gallon on my desk, a pair of 10 gallons in a stand, one above the other, the quarantine (and hospital) tanks for my bettas (1.5 - 2.5 gallons) sit on top of my cedar chest at the foot of my bed - I have anywhere from one to three bettas there at any given time. There's another 10 gallon sitting on top of my dresser.... haven't really figured out what I'm putting in it yet, but something is going in there!
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