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Talking What other fish can I add, if any?

I have a 30 gallon tall tank. It's well planted with lots of hiding places. I have 5 upside down catfish 1 male gold gourami and I do have a cory cat that I plan to more to another tank once i catch him, lol. I was just wondering what else, if anything, I could add. I read that the upside down catfish will get large and eat small fish so I am nervous about that. I would love another gourami but I know they are very territorial. The tank Just seems very empty to me, especially in the middle. What do you guys suggest?
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Try this chart http://www.tropicalfishandaquariums....lity/index.php

Put upside down catfish in the first box and a nice list of fish will pop up that will go with your catfish. I just noticed that you had 5 upsidedown catfish. Why so many? I would only keep 2-3 in that size tank and get some other fish for the other levels. Maybe you can take 2 back as they will max out at 4" each when full grown. I know the list says to keep 5 or more upsidedown catfish but I have 2 yo yo loaches and not a group like they say and they seem fine in my 55 gal. tank with my other community fish.

Your tank is big enough at 30 gal. to add more fish if you rehome 2 of the catfish. I like adding fish at all levels of the tank. I have 1 bush nosed pleco that will get about the size of 4" when full grown. Your unside down catfish should only grow to about 4" max as an adult. You can always rehome it if it gets to big for your tank. Most aquarium stores will take it and give you credit. You can also rehome it on craigslist. I would only keep 1 gouarmi as I only have 1 angelfish in mine and a nice school of tetras. Go for a group of schooling fish Maybe 6-10 and a couple of livebearers if they have babies the bigger Gouarmi or the tetras will eat them so your tank will not get overcrowded with baby fish. I noticed the list listed Mollies which is a livebearer fish.Remember some tetras like older tank set ups that have been running for awhile over new tank setups. I have Harlequen Rasboras as they are very hardy tetras.

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The upside down cats do like to be in groups, so I think five is a good number of them. They will likely eat very small fish, but plumper schoolers like tetras and rasboras that are too large to be eaten should be ok. How long is your tank? If it's long enough, a group of Congo tetras might be a nice addition.

Just curious...why do you have to catch the corydoras before you add more to the tank?

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Originally Posted by isimek View Post
I do have a cory cat that I plan to more to another tank once i catch him, lol.
I think they meant to type "move" rather than more.

I had a schoal of congo tetras, they are beautiful fish.

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yeah, i meant move. he is the one lone fish that wouldn't let me relocate him to his new tank.
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what do you think of orang von rio flame tetras? or lamp eye tetras? i like both... i think they will bring out the orange in my gourami.
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Ah, it all makes sense now! Haha.

Anyway, I think the flame tetras (Hyphessobrycon flammeus) are a little on the small side, so I'd be worried about those guys getting eaten by the catfish. The lamp eye tetras, assuming you're talking about
Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae, grow a bit bigger so should be safe, I'd think.

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