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What is the ideal water condition for cichlids?

I am currently cycling my 80 gal tank. and i am thinking to fill that tank up with some african cichlid, or s. american cichlids.
I am not sure what is the good water condition,e.g: ph,kh,ammonia,nitride,etc.
Is there a chart that i can refer to?
Thanks for any inputs.
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i'm pants at finding links,i'm sure someone else will help,
in the mean time.
Lake malawi. PH 7.5-8.8
Amonia 0 nitrItes 0 nitrAte under 40
4-6 dgh 6-8 dkh
temp 76-79 f
rocks for hiding,spawning,terrtitory.
these fish dig so be aware of possible rock slides if you have not
built a stable rock formation.
hope that helps. :)
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HI Willow,
Thanks for the info, that really helps.
Are you keeping lake malawis? what do you have? mind to share?
i was just looking at some of the malawis.....they are interesting fishes
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i kept a tank full some years ago,then of reasons shut
the system down.then had electric yellows,in a species tank
of their own,(there is a thread called "a bit of yellow anyone"
in the freahwater photos section)
i do have two males,one of which is a sub male,
they are living in the big tank with everyone else.
i lost the females while on holiday.
not an ideal situation,and they will either go back to the LFS
or i will give them a tank of their own.
i will try to help with anythng else if i can.
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