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Question What filter to use?

Hey guys I got a new 75 gallon tank for my birthday yesterday and now I need to figure out what filter to use. I have been searching on Petco and Petsmart's websites and reading reviews and I really do not know which filter to go with. I currently have a 20 L with a HOB filter which I think it is Tetra HOB from when I had a 10g tank and it seems to keep up just fine with the 20. Not saying I will use that filter for my 75. So I am familiar with HOB filters I did try a canister filter for my 20g tank and I didn't care much for it since it took space away from the fish in the tank and it was unsightly. So I guess I am biased towards the HOB's but I am curious to hear what everyone's opinion is on what type and or brand name to use for my 75 gallon.
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What are you planning on keeping in the tank? Will it be planted or unplanted? Generally for an unplanted tank I think HOB filters are just fine but you'd want something bigger. The Marineland Emperor filters are really nice, as are Aquaclear HOB's. If you want to go the planted tank route, a canister filter is really the way to go as it allows you to filter the water without causing any surface disturbance which drives CO2 out of your water (and is bad for plants). Marineland, Eheim, Fluval and Rena all make good canisters.

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I am planning on having a planted tank. I currently have a HOB with my 20L tank and one type of plant that is thriving. I am not sure what type it is but I know that I need to trim it at least once or twice a month otherwise the fish will have no where to go lol.

I guess I like the fact that HOB's don't take up as much room in the tank. So Tetra's or Aqueon or Aqua Clear's are really not a brand I should look at? I was told by a clerk at petsmart to go with a biowheel marineland filter because it is better since I have Well water. I am not entirely sold on that idea since the wheels are just another replacement factor and my current HOB I have no problems with using it and filtering my well water.

I almost bought the Tetra Whisper EX but the thing looks huge and gaudy and basically the only reason I was sold on it was because it had a 10 dollar mail in rebate. Does anyone use this filter or have comments about it?
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Most folks when they go to tanks your size and larger use canister filters. An HOB is a great back up filter and you can almost make a refugium out of the Aquaclear 110. Canisters have more volume and are generally quiter with less of a visual profile when looking at the tank.
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Aquaclear and Marineland filters are very nice. You never have to replace the bio-wheel on the Marineland filters and you only have to replace filter cartridges once they're falling apart. If they get clogged up, just give them a gentle rinse in used tank water.

HOB filters work just fine. Like I said, they cause more surface disturbance than canister filters (which have both the intake and outflow below the water line) which allow your water to have a higher CO2 concentration which is good for your plants. There are plenty of plants that will do fine without worrying about this, but generally in a really well-planted tank you want to discourage surface agitation (during the daytime, at least).

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