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what else?

so far in my new upgraded 30gal, i have 2 kuhlis, 5 bloodfin tetras, 1 male betta, the feeder fish i saved for some reason from my puffers named ted, 1 female Kribensis & 1 male, 1 apple snail, and 1 golden algae eater. So i am planning on getting 4 more kuhlis (1 regular and 3 black), 5 more tetras (probably rummynose). and i am also taking out the algea eater and possibly the feeder fish, i was wondering on what else to put in, obviously not a \massive amount of room but still seems i have enough for 2-3 med sized fish. i was thinking maybe a britsle nose pleco, or maybe an angel or maybe even some really simple fish like a few guppies and platys. so any suggestions on what i could put in?
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A bristlenose would probably work. I'm not sure an angel or guppies would be a good idea, though. The angel might run into aggression issues with the betta and/or kribs and a betta isn't usually a good mix with flashy male guppies. I think with a small school of kuhlis, the bloodfins, a group of rummynose, a betta, a krib pair and a bristlenose you'd probably be pretty well stocked, but other people might have ideas for something else to squeeze in there.

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