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Awgh! We don't have any Petco in Canada where I live!!! I guess I'm missing out on some fine fish food there...
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I feed my fish once a day now, i mix flakes, bloodworms, and 1 algea round. Twice a week i throw in a lil brine shrimp they seem to like it. I try to gve them a variety as i have read thats the best way to keep them healthy.
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OK so I have flakes, cichlid granules and , freeze dried bloodworms and tubifex worms in my cabinet and I thought I was crazy for having so many kinds... I see now that I don't even come close to being as crazy as any of you!!! Ha!

Thanks for the answers all! I really had no idea that such variety existed!
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Really,fish are no diff from us! Variety is the spice of life! After reading these posts,I went into my cabinet and counted all the food!! OH! I counted 15 diff kinds and types! From algae wafers to tubifex (frozen) to 5 diff kinds of flakes,to pellets and freeze-dried goodies for the Bettas,freeze-dried shrimps...on'n on!! Oh,let's not forget the occasional fresh beef goodie for the Betta (my Pigolletto)...the Guppies enjoy robbing the beef goodie from him on occasion too! Variety is a GOOD thing!

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My guys get blanched (then frozen) zucchini and TetraMin flake food, and I've started feeding brine shrimp now. They are some really happy fish!
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OK so I'm reviving this old post rather than start a new one because it is pretty much the same topic.

I read that "brine shrimp" is a rather popular meal for a lot of fish out there but when I went to buy some yesterday, the only brine shrimp I could find was some dried thingy that looked hard as a rock and about the size of a peppermint! What am I missing here? Most freshwater fish I know would be unable to nib on that! What is wrong with this picture?
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My brine shrimp are frozen in cubes, and I slice them into quarters. There is a LOT of food in one of those cubes.
The dried ones didn't look too appetizing to me either. Snoop around you pet store to find the frozen food section (aka a freezer.) That's where the shrimp, mice etc are. (Yes, mice. In three categories: Pinkies, Fuzzies, and Whole.)
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Sounds like you found the freeze dried stuff that you gotta hydrate for a while before feeding your fish.
Just look around diff LFS's in the freezers for them, someone will have 'em.
Whenever I'd feed my Boeseman's with these they'd go ballistic over them.

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Years ago my LFS used to sell the live brine shrimp. It was fun watching the angel fish suck them in like a tractor beam. Now I thaw out the cubes in a cup and dump them in. The fish still attack them.

For the primary feeding, I use an automatic fish feeder filled with flakes. It feeds them four times a day.
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Like others here, I like to feed a variety of foods. Various flakes, sinking granules, pellets, wafers, etc. I feed frozen foods as well (chopped krill, mysis, brine shrimp, bloodworms, tubifex) and the occasional live blackworms.

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