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Thanks for the responses guys. Nilet... I haven't chosen a substrate or fish yet. I was considering gravel (pebble like) just because I like the look of them. I suppose that's one more thing to add to my list of things to research.

I don't want it to become mine and neither does he but he's not doing any research so... You're right. Unless he is willing to sit here and google as much as I am, then I get to pick the fish. I refuse to let him just throw stuff in there and then they all die or it's a mess. I have a slight case of OCD so I "must maintain order". This "friend" of ours isn't exactly a good influence because instead of talking him out of the tank, he talked him into it even more and the advice is not what I expected.

Jentrala, I am in South Florida... Glad to meet a fellow Floridian as well. Thanks for all the advice.

We're suppose to get this done this weekend so tomorrow after work I'll go by myself, look at fish, write down the names, research and THEN go with him Saturday. Atleast I'll be armed with more info and know what we're getting, and he can feel like he's picking the fish and plants. SMH

I'll check that site out also. I've learned more about fish in the last few hours than I ever cared to know. Like I said, don't misunderstand, I love animals in general just didn't think I was up for this challenge so I never bothered to get into it.

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Welcome to the basket of cats! (aka: crazy people's club)

Fishkeeping is one of those things I never thought I would do either! And then I had this friend yammering on and on about her tank and the individual personalities of her fish and I was like Wait! They have personailities?!? And then that faithful day I went to WalMart and got my Betta. It snowballed from there. I actually realized how much fun it was! Very relaxing. I now have a 10gal with a male Betta, 3 mystory snails, and a ghost shrimp. Did I make mistakes? You bet your aunt fanny I did! Goof ups, misstocking, and plane old how the heck did that happens. And before that faithful day comees and you start kicking yourself, you're gonna kill something. Or have something die for no apperent reason. Rather you're new or vested, we're all human and we all make mistakes, but we learn from them. And you are avoiding a lot of them just by asking all these awesome people
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I understand, there is a lot of information about fish out there, and it can be very daunting if it's not something you had interest in, in the first place. I can understand that, as this tank has been just kind of thrown on your shoulders.

The main thing right now is to just take it slow. Don't feel like you're in a rush to fill the tank, you really have all the time in the world :) I'd just start slow and get the equipment you need, which so far I believe is
1) A new filter rated for 20 gallons. (A relatively cheap one can be gotten from Walmart, not the best but hey, it works. I have one.)
2) A thermometer. Can also be gotten at Walmart, very cheap.
3) A heater. Can be bought at many locations, check out online stores! eBay, Drs. Foster and Smith, etc.
4) A vacuum hose. These are about $10 at Walmart, as well. Depending on how you do your water changes, you may either need longer tubing or a 5/10 gallon bucket.
I actually drain my tank out my bedroom window into the plants outside, and fill my tank directly from the water hose after pre-conditioning my tank. We can get into that later, though.

It may take awhile to be able to afford some of these things, but trust me, it's worth it. It will save a lot of frustration.

Then you'll need to look into some of the specifics.
1) A water purifier/dechlorinator. I would just bite the bullet and get the best one you can instead of a Walmart brand, most recommend Seachem Prime. I actually have been trying out API StressCoat, and it's been working well for me so far. It's a bit cheaper, also.
2) A test kit. API Master Test Kit is a common one and is highly recommended. It's also very easy to use. Even I can use it and I almost failed chemistry class in highschool.
3) Substrate. I would go with gravel considering it's a bit easier to clean than sand. Your fishstore will most likely have a large variety. Try to go with something natural looking, fish will feel more comfortable.

I've left off plants for now as that can be a whole different ballgame with lighting, but I hope this was helpful. I also have a lot of OCD tendencies and I like to be in control and on top of my projects. If you need anything else let us know, as you can tell we absolutely love to help :D
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Could she just get a 10gal filter and run both the old and new one?
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Well yes, but d then imagine you'd have to consider flow rates from the 2 filters in a small tank.

As for the substrate I agree with jentralala and you should get gravel. I'd go for a very small, smooth and fine gravel as this should reasonably cover you through all eventualities.
Also iv had a large pebble gravel and tbh it looked rubbish and dirty. Never again!
A lighter colour will also be a better option aesthetically as darker colours will show us the dirt and poop much more.
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And make sure that it's not all one color. Color varance will hide poop and such. My little shrimp were wonderful at snatching up food the others missed so my subtrate stayed clean. Got to admit, sand is a pain (I have PFS) but I have to admit that my plants are growing better. And I don't use ferts btw. Plants will grow, just not as fast. Make sure you pick out plants that are no other color than green because red and others usually need ferts and mid-high light.
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Wow! You guys are just awesome!
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We know. Haha.

Iv got literally NOTHING to do at work today, so any Q's id Love to try and help, as it'd actually be helping me too! Haha.
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LoL... Wish I could say the same but posting here is keeping me from complete and utter boredom!

Questions... Let's see.

Gravel vaccum... Do I need this only with gravel or sand as well. Any pros and cons? What's easier?

Another question.. How would I do water changes? Assuming we're using water from the tap. Do we treat it in a separate bucket then remove some old water, and add the new? A little confused about this process and what I need to get it done.

I'm acctually getting excited about this. Who would have thought! By the way, as hubby woke up this morning I blured out;
"Hey you know that tank has the wrong pump, you need a 20 gallon pump. You also need a heater, thermostat, water conditioner and some other stuff. Oh, and you can't have angel fish."
His response: "Why?"
Me: "Because your tank is too small. They need atleast a 50g. They grow"
Him: But (insert friend's name here) said they'd be fine.
Me: He was wrong. They grow. If they grow too big then what. If you don't believe me google it yourself. I'll find some fish we can have and you can pick from those.
Him: Okay.

I think that went pretty well!!! LMAO

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I just wrote an essay answer, hit a link by mistake and lost it all. SIGH!!!!!
I'll rewrite... stupid phone.
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