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Awwww! Thanks guys! Too sweet

I don't have any theraflu. I might give that a try. I can't drive atm because of the migraine so I have those darn sparkles in my vision, but I can ask my dad. Thanks for the idea!
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It tastes like shyt but it works.
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Gosh this has turned into a long thread!

So I'm researching tank mates just to narrow it down. Promised hubby I'm make a list (with pictures) of what he can have and he can pick from those. Funny right? SMH

Anyway... I found some info:

Ghost shrimp
African dwarf frogs
White Cloud Mountain Minnows

Neon/cardinal tetras
Plecos (not common pleco)
Feeder/Wild guppies

Am I missing any or do you guys agree with the above *copied from another site*. I haven't researched them to see if we even like them but I just wanted to narrow it down. If I missed any, please let me know!

Could we get one of these? http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/p...42&pcatid=1642

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i dont know much about shrimp as i dont want any yet tbh, i have 6 loaches, botia kubotai (polkadot loach) that i absolutely LOVE in my tank at the moment and id recommend them anyday!!! One thing you cant have with them though is snails....as they are a favourite food! I also think these will be much too big for a 20 gallon unfortunately.....but definitely something to think about for when you get your 55 gallon

coroes though i think you could put a decent group in your tank, BUT these require sand substrate really, so that would be a switch, but most people i think would tell you its worth the hassle as they are a great fish.

rasboras on the whole are quite small so you need to consider this when matching them with future fish, though again shouldnt be too much of an issue in a smaller tank- though i dont know how they fit with your betta.

there are quite a few plecos that are limited to around 5 inches that might be a possibility for you- bristlenose pleco, queen arabesque (which is what im getting later!), clown pleco, golden nugget (maybe 7 inches for that one off top of head) amongst quite a few others.

neons i just plain dont like because everyone has them. lol. But theres SO many tetras to look between. guppies, again, i just dont like them really. haha.

NOOOO idea about frogs either! lol

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LOL @ the 55 gallon. If I go bigger I'm going BIG...think 100 gallon... Just kidding! Let me make sure we can manage this first.

No frogs...I'm scared of them. HEHE but I LOVE the plecos you posted. SO pretty! I agree that tetra are just okay.. just wanted something colorful...and blue. I'd love if I can find something yellow too..

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well cories are a definite for sand though, and you might actually like it if you got it, i CANT WAIT to get some sand for my 15 gallon and throw some barbs in! Play sand is like $2 as well!

You can actually get a blue tetra you know! As for the yellow, theres a tetras- lemon tetra? that has a silver body but a lovely yellow fin. something like my rosey tetras - only yellow. lol
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OMG- Love this one- Green Fire Tetra- I would probably have to order them though...

EDIT: I think this particular pic was edited- other pics don't look nearly as colored. http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/p...13&pcatid=1113


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Is the gravel smooth? If so, I would go with some loaches and some kind of shouling fish to make them active (without it, they hid all day). There are many types of Kulii Loaches that are quite small so they will fit in just fine. They are funny little guys with little catfish whiskers!

If no to Loaches, shrimp are a lot of fun! Jumping over each other. Attacking their food. Cleaning the tank. Neat little guys. They play all over the tank. I've had Ghost Shrimp and they have a high mortality rate because they are bred to be feeders, so you might like Cherry Shrimp. You can get them for cheap at epicfish.net if you can get someone to order them for you. I have heard good things about his/her stock.

Along with shrimp, you can add a couple snails if you like. I never realized how cool and pretty the little guys were until I had my own Mystery Snail. So much more personality than you would think!

The rest will have to be cratiqued by the others
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theres a nice little green rasbora too which shows up a great green
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wouldnt do the gold nugget, they get too big for 20 gallons. but bristlnose plecos are so cute. i love mine :) did just fine with bettas.

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