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Question What do I want?

I want a planted tank. I found all the stuff I need for a 5gal betta setup. It was $100+. (note: I'm a 13 yr old that makes a low allowance, so I'm on a tight budget. My non-planted 10 gal cost the same though. I saw a sweet deal on 20gal at PetCo. $20.00. Filter and stuff weren't included. It may be hard to set up, because the 5gal is a kit with proper fluorescent lights, the whole nine yards. Should I plant the 5 gal and put a betta in? Or maybe I can get 20gal non-planted? What do you think? BTW Is it hard to put plants in a non-planted tank?

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Consider carefully what you want in terms of fish. A 5 gallon complete will suit a Betta nicely, if you only want a Betta in a planted tank. Other fish will not be possible with a male Betta in a 5g.

If you prefer a tank of different fish, definitely go for a larger tank, at least a 20 gallon, and preferably a 20g long rather than high. The extra length allows for a few more fish.


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Also shop around, if your parents are willing to help a little. $100 seems very high to me, I don't figure I have $100 in either of my 55 gallon tanks with the tank and all equipment. You can check your local paper or craigslist (with parents) for used tanks.
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The PetCo sale for the tank only - you will need to purchase everything else: substrate, decor, filter, heater, lights, hood if you want one. Don't forget to factor in the cost of extras that might not be included even in the 5 gallon complete deal - food, water conditioner, live plant fertilizer. These are all things you will need. If you aren't able to make frequent trips to the petstore to have them test your water, you might want to invest in a freshwater test kit.

A 5 gallon tank will probably cost less than $100 when all is said and done. If all you want to put in it is a betta, you don't even really need the filter, you will just have to resign yourself to doing frequent (2-3x weekly) water changes Filters can be very hard on bettas as they don't handle current well. Ebay will be your best friend if you can get your parents to help you - inexpensive heaters (you'll want probably 25Watt heater in a 5gal), AND aquatic plants. It is not hard at all to plant them, you just will want to read about planting requirements for any plants you get.

As Byron said, you need to think about what you would really like to put in this tank. If a betta is what you want, a 5 gallon tank is perfect. If you'd like a variety of other fish, a larger tank will be necessary.
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