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Sure, some bigger rocks that are a little porous would provide a good place for algae to grow. The shrimp would love crawling around on them and picking out particles of food to eat.

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Where can I find a Sponge filter? Any suggestions?

Like I said, this one is gonna be a new experience, so we shall see how it turns out, but seems like it should be interesting.
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To run a sponge filter you'll also need an air pump, but a good LFS should have all the supplies you need to make one. If not, here are some supplies:

The filter:
Lustar Hydro Sponge II Filter
The air pump:
Whisper 10 Air Pump (Tetra)
Airline tubing:
8' Flexible Airline Tubing (Penn Plax)
Air stones:
Air stone Quad Pack

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Guess I will research what I need to do to put one of these baby's together. Awesome, I'm not gonna know what to do learning all this and having some fun in the process, I don't get to do that often lol.
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Rocks are good. My amanos spend most of their time on the rocks and very little on the sand.

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Well, this forum seems to be quite the helpful community! I like that! Thanks everyone for all your help. And I'll keep everyone updated as things progress...
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