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What is this?!?!?

I know that algae is just something that you have to go through when starting a planted tank...but my LFS guy told me that this wasn't algae; it's a bacteria that needs to be treated. I'm putting a picture of it here. All my levels are normal, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5ppm nitrate. I do regular water changes 40% every 4-5 days. I can pick this stuff up with my fingers and vacuum it up with my pump, but do i need to treat??
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Looks like cyanobacteria, but no need to "treat" it per se. There are recent threads lately about doing a blackout to kill it off and then vaccuuming it up. I had a small amount of it in my 29 gallon that went away when I adjusted my fetilizers. It will go away when lights, ferts, and co2 are in balance. Just curious how much lighting you currently have (wattage and kelvins).

Here's Haiwkin's thread about doing a blackout to treat his tank: http://www.tropicalfishkeeping.com/f...lackout-35508/

Also a recent thread mentions the use of Flourish Excel to control it (liquid carbon)

I love your tank setup...it looks gorgeous.

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I have T5's 2x25 watts, one 65k one 10k. I run my lights 10.5-11 hours a day. I use added CO2 from a Diy system and push it through a maxijet 400 powerjet(completely submerged). I vacuumed and picked some up a little while back and almost cleared it up. I just started using my ferts (flourish comprehensive plant supplement) twice a week, instead of just once. It seems to have inhibited the spread of the bacteria, and my plants are continuing to thrive. I'm glad i don't have to add meds, i've never used any medication in my tank(knock on wood), and all my plants are growing soooo quickly especially my tiger lotus, i hate to mess with things too much!! Thanks for your help stephanie
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I think the 10k bulb might be your problem. That's high for plants. Usually you want something around 6500k, with about 7800k or maybe 8000k being the upper ceiling.

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Yup cyanobacteria......You may find this thread very interesting; same Hawkin & myself had the same problem then you do and both battled it successfully this way as described in the thread http://www.tropicalfishkeeping.com/f...lackout-35508/

The lights listed are these the one for your 29g? While I don't think the high end k's are responsible for this; I do think the total of 50 watt over the 29g has something to do with it; because with this high wattage AND high spectrum you'd need a lot ferts to balance that right. So far any and all tanks incl my own latest new set up that has developed cyanobacteria has developed because the tank was out of balance between all needed factors.

Since you said you just started the ferts...what I'd do was this my tank 1) Siesta approach (lights on 5hrs off 4hrs on 5hrs) and keep the ferts up per label 2x week...And of cause keep up the weekly w/c. Then give this 2 weeks to see where this will bring you to. The cyanobacteria once its dieing off actually looks like lil dust bunnies you can just vacuum out.

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