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Well water pH problems. Help!

This is a discussion on Well water pH problems. Help! within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by meganlaroo No, I don't have a filter on my well water. I do however live up the side of a mountain ...

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Well water pH problems. Help!
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Originally Posted by meganlaroo View Post
No, I don't have a filter on my well water. I do however live up the side of a mountain and the ground is very rocky. There are also boggy swampy areas close to the house. Maybe that is a factor with my water issues...
I do have a large bog log in my tank so maybe that's softening my tank water>

As far as the yellow algae, I couldn't post a picture, but found a link to one, altho mine isn't near as bad. Also, I don't have carbon/charcoal in my filter, as the aquarium gut thought it might be messing with my pH. I'm just using a bonded filterpad. Should I put the cartridge (that came with the filter) in my filter or will that screw up my cycling?

Here's the link to the picture:
yellow algae/slime on silicone-pics - Reef Central Online Community Archives

Thanks again Byron!
I have never seen anything like that yellow... whatever it is. But the cycling is more important, so let's concentrate on that until it is completed, then we can consider this stuff.

Initially the carbon/pads in the filter will help, so I would use them. Carbon adsorbs things and will become ineffective as it does, time depending on what it is adsorbing. It will not hinder cycling, in fact it will help the fish. And I don't see how it could affect the pH.

But we still need to tie down the GH and KH. Normally one can get this from the municipal water supply, but with an individual well it is up to you. Rather than trust the store, I would get yourself a liquid API kit for GH and KH. Online they are not expensive, less than $10 I think in the US; may be available in some stores. Make sure it is the liquid, not test strips.

Wood will tend to soften water and lower pH, but the extent will depend upon the initial values. I have lots of wood in my tanks, but the pH doesn't lower because of it, as other things keep it stable. And with fish in the tank, yo do not want to be fiddling with pH when the cycling is causing enough stress.

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