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Originally Posted by Blaxicanlatino
I hate petstores...
Without petstores, then where will you shop? We cannot expect petstores to do what we want them to do. Most petstores simply sell for profit rather than care for the fish's welfare.

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true... but alas... all around me or even remotely around are run by teenagers who cant tell the difference between a pleco and a corydora then argue about it and attempt to charge me 10$ for a single corydora.

Hopefully these otos will be okay. The employee didnt allow me to choose which oto I wanted

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Otos are a quirky fish. They do best in groups of at least four and do require lots of algae to eat. Some have been reported to eat nothing but algae but with a little persistence many will take zuchinni, cucumber, and romain lettuce. I have had good success with dried marine Algae. All of the afore mentioned should only be used as supplement to their primary food which is algae. From your previous posts that should not be a problem? As for corys I have seen and purchased some specimens that did indeed run 10 dollars or more. :)

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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well the sign said 3.99 for a corydora then i got to the register, he rang up 10.32$ I say thats booty. :D

The otos i got just swim all over the plcae like crazy. Theres plenty of brown algae around they just havent found it yet. I just recently placed 3 sliced of cucumber in there but they havent found it yet. One even lached on the betta but he quickly shook him off.

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I suspect many of these employees are just too lazy to change the signs to correspond with the particular species they are offering . I have had similar expieriences with plecos and some dwarf cichlids.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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well, thank you all for posting and helping me. Now, i have questions on tos so im just goin to make a new thread

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