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LOL, you guys. . . C.Alore has to get back here and give us some guesses as to what on Earth is in that tank!

Obviously I agree with MM here, or my camera wouldn't be glued to my face a good portion of every day.

IF these are one of the buggies I suspect they are, chances are exceptionally slim that you'll be able to get a picture that would be of any use. But you're the one with the tank, we're only guessing - if it isn't too tiny for you to clearly see some details of it's form, then try to get a picture for us - or a clearer description - and we'll give you a few other options to look into.

If it IS one of the smaller critters that have been mentioned, that's okay too - we have Google

. . . since it was the one most mentioned, this is a Copepod:

**an image from the interwebz thank you to Tyler-the-Possesed(?!!)**

It may not do OP very much good, since to our eyes they look like nothing but
tiny white dots on the glass
being at largest 0.1*ish* inches. but that's where YouTube comes in handy. . . Here's one of the first vids that came up with a simple search - there are others that give a better idea of movement, I chose this one because it shows scale a bit. . .

Look into the others that have been suggested, too - then let us know what you have! We can give you more info from there if you need it. :)
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That's exactly like it cheracka
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Three cheers for Copepods!

They're pretty cool little crustaceans, like Mika said, won't do any harm. You don't have to do anything about them, and your water is fine - eventually they'll become breakfast for one of the fish that lives there, and likely vanish as quickly as they appeared.

I liked them while they lasted. . .they have that funny way of kind of 'hopping' along the glass of the tank that I found entertaining, lol. Mine very likely 'rode in' on plants, since that was before I actively QT'd leafy arrivals, and I do still find them from time to time in the plant QT tank. . .

One day, I'll get loads of fancy stuff and get my OWN pictures and vids of them! ^.^
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