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Actually, for a 20 gallon tank, 3wpg would be more towards high lights. How many hours do you plan to run the lights? Any other plants?
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Dude all i want is healthy plants.
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Then use the light called "Flora-Glo". I don't know how many watts it is. Leave the tank lights on a minimum of 8 hours a day.

You know what the definition of hobby is: something of interest that is going to cost you lots of money!
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Actually, trreherd, you provided your own answer in one of your posts. When stating that the anacharis that is receiving direct sunlight is doing well. The problem isn't wpg related, as anacharis can thrive in 1wpg, (I've done this), it's more a spectrum of lighting that is lacking for the plants not receiving direct sunlight. Fertilizers may also help, but the primary problem you are describing is the lack of spectrum. If you focus on bulbs designed for plants, covering full spectrum, up to 8000K per bulb, you should be just fine without having to do the work of running CO2.
I raise anacharis in my goldfish tank, and it grows faster than they can eat it, which is quite a bit. I use NutriGrow (from Coralife) and FloraSun (by ZooMed) for bulbs on that tank, no fertilizers, no CO2, nothing special other than the full spectrum bulbs.
The lights are on a timer set to run 10 hrs/day, but I would not exceed 12 hrs in a day. Plants also need dark to be healthy. When the lights are on they soak up carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. When the lights are off, the process reverses, and they need both phases in order to thrive and stay healthy.

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I think i have the rite spectrum?I use the coralife 6,500 k bulb ment for plants.But deffenitly i will try ferts on my next tank i meen i posted this thread about a week or two ago and my plants looked like they were gunna die but now i guess they are looking alright
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see thats good, trial and error try 3 bubls and turn them off as you see fit.
You need to look at the depth of your tank, the deeper the water the more dilution of power occurs, so in theory the closer the plant is to the surface the more light it recieves from source, so ultimately watts per gallon in a shallow tank would not be a good rule to follow.
I would recomment you use co2, you can easily tell a co2 tank from a non co2 tank, i am not saying that non co2 tanks are poor, i am saying that you stated you wanted healthy plants, and to do that you have to choose your plants carefully, or provide wht they want. I would recommend you look at a good plant dealer website like tropica view the catalogue and read wht the requirements are.
also if you cannot provide a mixed layer of soil and gravel substrate atleast crush iron fert tabs into the gravel to produce a steady food source for newly planted specimens.
good luck keep us posted on your tanks success.
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Sounds like it could be a nitrate or pottasium deficiency. If you have enough anacharis it will eat the nitrates very quickly and it can suffer. You cuold also try to take off the older growth and see if that helps.

As for lighting, take a look at THIS site for some better calculations. Anything over medium light really should have a Carbon source even if it is just dosing Excel every day. Not neccesarily for plant growth although it will help but to keep algae at bay.

CO2 is also considered a much more important contributor to growth than lighting. Medium light with CO2 will grow plants better than high light without it.
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