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I have had a 10 gallon fish tank for the past 2 months. I have had 2 mollies and one platy. The mollies had babies and there are around 30 of them in a little floating breeder. They have been alive for a month. Just recently like past week the water has been turning brown. I cleaned the gravel with a gravel cleaner and changed 80% of the water. I put new water in with conditionor and the next day it was cloudy again and it is getting worse. What is happenning and why is it happening all of a sudden. OH and i have a baby pleco
At around four weeks ,the fry should be large enough to be released from the breeder net,box,etc without being viewed as food by the adults but some fish grow slower than others. A good vegetable flake food for the fry three times a day (tiny amount) will help and is also good food for adults a well.
What sometimes happens when fry arrive is that we tend to offer a bit more food sometimes,,too much. With the additional fish load on the filter from waste created by fish and breakdown of uneaten fish food,the water quality can suffer =( sick fish.)
Increased frequency of water changes perhaps twice a week at fifty percent can help.
As for the brown color of water, tannins from driftwood,or diatom bloom could be the culprit.Both are harmless for the fish. Might try cleaning the filter material in bucket of dechlorinated water or bucket of old water you take out during water changes (not tapwater) that should be performed each week.If you recently replaced the filter material, then twice weekly water changes of 50 percent may be needed to help keep water quality good = no ammonia or nitrites but then simply cleaning it as described is all that is necessary. Sometimes replacing the filter material can cause bacteria bloom until the filter can re-establish good bacteria to process the fish waste.
If you placed some wood in the tank, boiling it can help rid the wood of tannins that color the water and then you should see some improvement.
Plecos are often chosen as cleaner fish but as others have mentioned,,they produce much more waste=(poor water quality) ,than any benefit that they may provide with respect to cleaning up excess food which should not be there unless you are overfeeding=(poor water quality.)
There are a couple plecos that would work for ten gallon tank but they should be purchased not for cleaning ability but because you like them for as mentioned,,they ALL poop quite a bit compared to other fishes or even a group of some fishes.Pleco you have will prolly be ok for a couple months, but WILL need larger tank sooner rather than later.
Were it me in your situatiuon, (and it ain't) I would place the fry in a bucket of aquarium water from the ten gallon tank, and take them to the local pet store or fish store after calling and asking if they would be willing to take the fish. The mollies will continue to produce fry every few weeks and your ten gallon tank will soon be overpopulated with fish and ten gallon tank is much less forgiving than larger tank with respect to maintaining water quality = (happy fish).Good Luck.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.

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