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Thanks for all the suggestions. I tested the tap water, and it resulted in pH = 7.6 and Ammonia = 0 ppm. I did 50% water change yesterday and tested today: ph=6.6, Ammonia= 1 ppm, Nitrite=0.25ppm, Nitrate=40ppm. I WAS USING STRESS ZYME on a regular basis. I read somewhere else it may impact ammonia tests... So I stopped using it this week. More questions:
1. Why don't the Nitrate levels go down? I reduced feeding, and did 2 massive water changes. My water is crystal clear.
2. Should I continue using stress zyme?
3. If the tap water pH is so high (7.6), what makes it go so low in the tank(6 - 6.6)?

Again thanks for all the feedback!
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If PH is not more than 8 or less than 6 you need not worry. Fluctuations during cycling are not uncommon. If It will ease your mind try running a bucketful of tapwater and leave it sit for five or six hours. Then test the PH .It will be what it will be. Have no expierience with stresszyme so I will not comment. Were it me I would only be using dechlorinator. Nature will work the way it works. Try and keep ammonia from reaching lethal levels through waterchanges. Others have said not to vaccum but were it me I would vaccum one third of the tank lightly and test nitrates again after two or three hours. Chin up! :)

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Just a footnote to previous post . If you decide to run bucketful of water and leave it to sit before testing, You might also test it for nitrates.A build up of nitrates can reduce alkalinityof your water resulting in a PH drop. Could nitrates be high from the tap?

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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