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water question...

This is a discussion on water question... within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> as I've mentioned before the house we rent has well water, which is quite hard and over time has damaged pretty much every water-using ...

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water question...

as I've mentioned before the house we rent has well water, which is quite hard and over time has damaged pretty much every water-using appliance that's ever been hooked up to it with calcium and lime deposits

the landlord is considering getting a water softener

I'm just wondering what that will do to my tank/fish etc.

will it damage my equipment - or worse yet the fish?? - I'm also in the process of compiling a plant list to order - will live plants be ok in softened water?

or if she does this will I have to use strictly bottled water??

thanks =)
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The "softness" aspect is not a problem, though if it is a vast difference the plants may partially or completely "melt" and come back, some are more sensitive to such changes than others. I would worry more about the fish. Sudden changes are detrimental, but gradual changes over time can usually be managed. It is difficult to say more without knowing the hardness now and what it will be then, and of course you don't know that. A related issue is the fish themselves; if they are basic, hard water fish such as livebearers or rift lake cichlids, they need that type of water.

Aside from the above, which can be managed, there is the issue of exactly how the softener will do the softening. Most use chemicals and salt. These can alter your water chemistry in various ways. Some other members have softeners, and would I'm sure comment, but it may help to know what type is being planned by your landlord.
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