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Water flees? Bay Flies? What is going on?

I just opened my tank this evening to take a look at the duckweed situation and I see these tiny little flee like things bouncing along the water surface. Also, what appeared to be a tiny Bay Fly Dragon Fly or something like it. Where in the world could these have come from and now what do I need to do. Are my fish retarded or what? Aren't fish supposed to eat insects? I even let my fish go hungry one day this week which is unusual for me but you would think they might have gotten a bit hungrier and some "natural instincts" might have kicked in.

Anyway, any ideas what these things could be, and what should I do about it? The Anal retentive germaphobe part of me says drain the water and bleach everything. The fish lover, knows I cannot do that.
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maybe they are on the duckweed with makes them not seen to your hungry fish =)

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well dont dragonflies eat other insects?
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I acquired one of the insects along with scud shrimp when I bought water lettuce from my lfs. Unfortunately my husband took care of the insect I had sat aside for research so it never made it to my aquarium. It is common to get scud shrimp and these insects with "pond plants" like duckweed and the others. What kind of fish do you have...maybe you should consider trout or bass..:)


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Are they tiny little orangeish things
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Alright, I did an HUGE water change of 70 % and scooped out a large amount of that nasty duckweed. I am not seeing anymore bugs. Also, I let my fish go hungry for one day. I think the combination might have taken care of the issue.
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The tiny critters that hop over the surface, almost microscopic they are so small, are nothing to worry about. I've always had them in my tanks for years. I have noticed fish sometimes grab these, but they are so small I suspect they are not easily seen. They may come from the air, or with plants; I don't know, but you would be surprised at how many minute critters live in a healthy tank. Microscopic plankton abound. Which is why some fry will survive (provided they are not themselves eaten), they find food everywhere.

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I just noticed these in my tank yesterday, they seemed to stay on the duck weed, when I was scooping it out they were jumping everywhere trying to find another piece of duckweed to land on. Good information byron was thinking about posting about them when I saw this thread.
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Now if I could only get rid of alll the stinking pond snails. There are way too many and they have eaten about $30.00 worth of plants. I know they say they won't eat live plants BUT that is not the case with these creatures. I also know it about over feeding, but I had to with the fry in there.
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My pond snails don't eat my plants, well correction, every once in a while i see a hole in a plant but besides that they leave them alone, maybe because I have a good selection of algae to eat......
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