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**Water Filtration Question**

This is a discussion on **Water Filtration Question** within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by Stormfish Just to add to this as an additional note about CO2, etc. I have a heavily live planted tank and ...

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**Water Filtration Question**
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Originally Posted by Stormfish View Post
Just to add to this as an additional note about CO2, etc. I have a heavily live planted tank and no CO2 injection. I use the bubbler at night because O2 levels drop and I want to keep my fish comfortable. In the morning the bubbler is turned off and a small amount of liquid CO2 is added to compensate for the CO2 loss during the night.

Might be an idea for your tank, OP.
Oxygen deficiency at night is not likely unless there is something seriously wrong such as way too many fish for the volume. Remember that fish respiration is much less during darkness when they are at rest/sleep compared to daylight.

Another point is the benefit of natural CO2 over the liquid carbon supplements. The former is free, it just occurs naturally, and plants are better able to use it. The carbon supplements are chemicals that do kill some plants at normal dosage, and if overdosed will kill most plants and fish. While you are obviously not overdosing, my pint here is that putting any chemical that has this capability in a fish tank is not advisable. There may be some minor irritation to the fish that is far worse than any imaginary shortage of oxygen.

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Originally Posted by AbbeysDad View Post
There is always some gas exchange at/on the surface of the water. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is exchanged for oxygen (O2). The exchange is greater with surface movement, turbulence or waterfall like disturbance.
An air pump and air stone does not put oxygen into the water, but the oxygenation happens when the bubbles break the surface and CO2 is exchanged for O2.

Water circulation is very important. Surface turbulence requirements vary to have sufficiently oxygenated water.
I agree with much of this.
An air pump, or airstone can help move water lower in oxygen from the bottom of the tank to the surface for better exchange,and also can help disperse heat.
Once read an interesting thread over at the Krib.com where test's were done with DO(dissolved oxygen) meter with, and without air stones, and measurement's of dissolved oxygen taken at bottom were much higher than same measurement without the added airstones.
Even powerheads created higher reading's for dissolved oxygen over tanks without such apparatus at the bottom of the tank.middle,and top.(maybe somthing to try ones self?)
For planted tank's,,I think there is enough oxygen produced during daylight hours to hold the fish over till morning when plant's once again begin producing O2 so long as tank is not too over stocked.
Just my two cent's.
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