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sue the company :D do it fast before they cover their butts.
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Ask the company to stop. But if you lost a real expensivev fish (like $300), you might be able to sue.

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I have called them 3 time already since tuesday, they keep telling me they will call back when they have some info. Of course they did not call today, like they said they would.
Cant sue yet, none of my fish have died. I just wish they would give me some kind of an answer. I dont want to go out and spend $200 on a nitrate removing unit if the problem is going to be fixed on monday!
For some reason I feel like an annoying brat everytime I call.
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I think you have the right to be concerned.
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Originally Posted by Twistersmom View Post
I dont want to go out and spend $200 on a nitrate removing unit if the problem is going to be fixed on monday!
I think denitrators need a couple months to cycle to start working, so they wouldnt be a good short term solution. An RO unit would remove the nitrate, but also everything else. Buying bottled water is an option but would likely be too expensive for larger tanks. Probably the best you can do is frequent water changes to keep the nitrate level as low as possible until the tapwater returns to normal.

A little internet research (I googled "nitrate in tapwater" ) shows that this is a fairly widespead problem in the US. I think the water co is probably doing all they can to correct it, I dont think nitrate is any easier to remove from drinking water than from aquariums. And the EPA will likely be on their butt if they dont.

Forget about sueing, they dont guarantee the water to be safe for fish, only for humans. Now if someone in your house dies.....
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The tap water is between 10 and 20ppm today. Its getting better! I am going to do water changes on all the tanks today.
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That's great news!

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My nitrates are back up to 30ppm. I called the water company again today. They said they have the results from their test, but where unable to retrieve them when I called. I was told someone will call or stop by the house after 3:30 today.
Hoping I get some anwsers today!
I almost spent $150. on a countertop nitrate remover yesterday. My husband talked me out of it. He thought I should wait for the water company to fix the problem, or they should pay for the nitrate remover, since my nitrates are above the EPA limit.
I will keep you posted.
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Well, a guy from the water company stopped by today. He said they got there test results from 2/10, and the water tested at 3.51ppm nitrates.
He said they are only required to run two test a year and both times the water tested good for nitrates.
He said I could pay $25. and have another test run by their testing company, but the water was fine and the problem is most likely my test kit!
I have considered the possibility that my API test kit was bad. I took some water to the store and got similar readings, also replaced my nitrate kit, (IT WAS LOW ANYWAY FROM TAKING SO MANY TEST) I get the same reading on my new kit.
I bothered the neighbor today for a water sample, thinking the problem was inside my house, his water tested around 30ppm, same as mine.
I tested some bottled water, zero nitrates!
Its not my test kit!
I am unsure where to go from here. I dont want to pay $25 for a test from their testing company, unless I can be sure things are done properly!
Is it time to call the EPA?
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Seems that your water company would understand your concern and run a test at your tap, so you could see the results.

We pay around $20 for 100 test packets to test for Nitrites. ( can be used in hand held colorimeter, pretty sure they have one or more of these. ) and the test takes 15 minutes.

Wish you luck on your dealings with them.

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