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By bedroom tank is actually further than that around 40 ft, I ended up getting the 50 ft kit and it has worked fine for my tank. The 50 ft kits are more expensive, but I have found that the convience for me was worth it. But if you have found a system that works well for you than that is good
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In my case, I have the luxury of being able to siphon water out onto the front lawn/flower bed. I use a 50' 5/8" standard garden hose that I insert the gravel siphon hose into. For the refill, I just needed a $6 dollar faucet garden hose adapter for my bathroom sink (couldn't get one for the kitchen sink). I Purchased the adaptor at my local HEP store. I hook the same garden hose up to the sink (w/shut off for the other hose end). I adjust the water for flow and temperature. I almost have the relative positions down - Once I'm sure I may make reference marks.

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Yeah, the Python Aqueon is the way to go. Gives you so much more flexibility and saves the ole back! I'm a believer in using the "right tool" for things, and IMHO a gravel syphon is the way to go. Manual is not necessarily better!
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I remove the showerhead and use a hose system I setup. Vinyl tubing is super cheap and all the adaptors are only a few dollars. My 30 foot hose system costed about $12 and 15 minuets to make. The shower also has much higher water pressure then a sink. I can change 50% water on all 3 of my tanks in about an hour. As far as temp I don't really match it. I just make sure it is colder then my tanks, which sit at 83 unheated. Usually the water I refill with is around 75.

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