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water change during cyling

ive just set up a 55 gal communtity tank a week ago ive done 3 ..15-20%
water changes my question is when i change he water what do i add... ive been adding water conditioner which detoxifies chlorine ...also i have cycle what i used when i first filled my tank and kent ammonia detox i havent used becuase i didnt wanna mess up the cycle... am i suppuse to use the ammnia detox and the cycle enhancer... what am i suppose to use when changing water??
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Technically? Just dechlorinator. All those additives are just a waste of money and the ammonia stuff will just make thing screwy.

I can't remember, do you have fish in there? If you don't you really don't need to be doing a whole lot in the way of water changes, if you do then you should do them if the ammonia gets higher than .25 ppm, but pretty much leave it at that unless you have delicate fish in there (which of course is a no-no anyways).

Edit: Looked at your other posts, saw tetras...you'll have to change at around .15-.20 and prolong your cycle.

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thanks for ur help 1 more question i have is i got the live ph and amonia tester that sticks in the tank with a suction cup do u know if they work
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That is not very reliable, and tends to not last more than 3 months tops (I've seen 1 month). They deteriorate in the water too. Liquid test kit is far more reliable.

Do you have fish in your tank?
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3 neons...he's already been warned they might not survive and to get a liquid test kit.

To the OP, in the future to keep the boards a bit clearer and easier to look up what you've already posted and such it's a better idea to drag up an old post (as long as it has to do with the same topic, which it does), and use that instead of creating another one. Thanks :)

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