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I have finally found the fish that was being so mean to the other fish, maybe someone could tell me a little more about it.

Sunburst Wag Moon Platy
(Sorry couldn't get the pic to paste in here. )
This looks exactly like the fish that I had. From what I read it is suppose to be a peaceful fish. Anyone have any ideas about why is would let lose on two of the others? (which was the orange molly and my swordtail)

Also, I have decided that I am going to get another tank, for the betta. I would also like to include the fiddler crab in it. So from what I have read sand would be preferred for the crab. Can I put these two together? I'm pretty sure that I read about this combo somewhere. How big of a tank? 5 or 10 gallon's? Does the crab need to stay in heated water?
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most crabs you get will be tropical but will withstand a wide range of temperature. They usually prefer to be able to get up out of the water though as most crabs are semi-aquatic. Otherwise they try to escape and often succeed, lol. I wouldnt put it with a betta. I had a fiddler crab catch several of my fish and a betta would be a lot easier target for it with those long fins. They arent the most accurate hunters but they will try.

Mike H
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My black molly died....I was watching it all day today since it seemed to hang out around the top not really swimming a lot and had I think popeye from what I have been able to read. The ammonia levels had gotten up to 1ppm so I had done a 60% water change this morning and tried to clean out all the gunk of the gravel (ordered a gravel vac.should be here Tues.)
Checked out the tank a little while ago hunting around for everyone and he was on the bottom belly up. I was really suprised I thought that the orange one would go if any of them did with it's fins being messed up already and everything.
I'll keep checking the levels and hope that I don't lose another one. At least the swordtail looks great darting around all over the tank.
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