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Very High pH (9.4)!!??

I have a new 20 gallon tank that we got for christmas, and it has been setup and is filtering (no fish yet). I went to the pet store today and got a testing kit, and my pH is off the charts high (a previous water report showed 9.4).

I read somewhere that I may not need to worry too much about pH (here, actually Aquarium pH - The First Tank Guide - What About Adjusting the pH in My Aquarium?), but a pH level of 9.4 is off the charts compared to what I've read and I'm a bit worried about leaving it alone. What would you do???
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HI Jon, welcome! just leave it alone, you and your tank have a lot to go thru in the near future. your tank needs to be cycled. Hopefully you are aware of this, you are looking at several weeks before you can get fish, if you need guidance on cycling check thru the threads here and if you have questions ask. ----- please, please do not cycle your tank with fish in it, that would be cruel and inhumane treatment.
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Yes, I'm going to cycle the aquarium first. I took a reading after having the system set up again, and I believe the pH is down to around 8.0 now. I think I may invest in an air pump and a second heater for prepping my exchange water down the road. If the pH drops are consistent, I think I may be okay.
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Take some water from you tap and let it sit for 24 hours. Then retest the pH. Sometimes the pH will change due to the excange of certain gasses over time. A pH of 9.4 is way to high for fish, but 8.0 may be workable for certain species.

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