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very good, lower maintenence 3-6 gallon tank?

Hey, i was looking to get a new tank for a betta, and i was wondering if there was a good tank kit that's easy to maintain and is comfortably large enough for a betta and two ghost shrimps? I'm looking at a max spending of 50 dollars.
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I would recommend a eclipse system they come in a variety of sizes and are very easy to use and well priced.
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i looked at those but 50 is literlaly the max i can spend if i spend 50 on teh tank i cannot buy gravel or decorations or plants >.< Anyone know any good site to get the tank for cheaper?
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this is the best price you can get
it would leave you with enough for gravel and for decorations u can use clay or ceramic plant pots there like 88 cents and work great
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With the eclipse you'll still need to buy a heater just FYI. In my opinion, the kits tend to be a waste of money, you can put together something WAY nicer for much cheaper.

Here's a link to a thread where I detail everything you'll need for the perfect betta setup. She wanted it to come to under $40 and I did it :)
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very cool. Well i can save on the heater since i already have a hydor miniheater. However will 2.5 gallons be enough for a betta? Mine is currently in a 1.5 gallon environment with giant rock and java fern and ive been told im torturing that betta cuz its too small... I wanted to add an oto and a couple of ghost shrimp so... 2.5 might be way too small? Are there 5 gallon tanks that are cheap too?
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Yeah, just a dollar or two extra but you'll need to get a 25 watt heater. I think Wal-Fart has preset Tetra ones for cheap but I'm not sure since I tend to try to avoid their fish area.

If you can get upgraded to 5 gallons great because then you only really have to do a partial water change once a week though 2.5 is acceptable.

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The 2.5 will be fine, but the 5 gallon will only be another $2 or so, and the same filter will work on it. If you want more stocking options, go for it!
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thx guys i think ima get a plain 5 gallon one from like... petsmart or sumthin instead of an eclipse set... and then prolly use all the equipment you listed okiemavis. Thanks a lot
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No prob- good luck! The glass tanks are much easier to keep clean than the acrylic tanks too :)
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