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Unhappy Very bad water change

So I started out trying to pull out this big plant that has this black stuff that wont go away but it has so many roots thatit was kicking up all kinds of stuff so i just left the bottom couple inches. By this time there was a lot of stuff kicked up from the gravel so i decided to just go ahead and do a water change.

I grab the smaller syphon cause it goes slower so i can hit more spots before too much water is taken out but its taking too long so i decide to put it up and get the big one. I figured it get a little bit of a headstart and stick it a little into the gravel from the start, well bad idea. Wasnt paying attention when sucking the water and i got a nice mouthful of that nasty dirt water right down my throat. Then during the water change my cat, being the jerk he is, smacks the hose and pulls it right out of the bucket and pouring into my lap.

And to top it all off, as i was sitting down to type this out im almost positive i inhaled a spider through my left nostril.

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I'm so sorry to say this but I just laughed so hard reading this that my stomach started cramping. See, the legacy of the bad water change continues. The time I got water in my mouth from my syphon hose was the last time I used my mouth to start the syphon. I felt like bleaching my mouth out.

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Lol it was so gross, i dont mind getting i little in my mouth but swallowing it, and so much if it, is just sick.
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Yeah some water changes don't go too well. I know what you mean with those pesky plants. I try to pull up one plant and its got its roots tangled in with all the other plants. So they all want to come up.

I always start the siphon with my mouth. Very rarely do I get a mouthful of icky tank water. I am pretty regular on overfilling my buckets.

.... I'm probably drunk.

This is how I lurk

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Yuck-o-rama. I hope you've been able to shake the gaggy feeling since it happened.

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29 gallon 10 gallon
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I still feel a little sick but I think its going away, i did feed them bloodworms today so i hope they didnt miss any although i doubt they did with how crazy they went over getting them for the first time.
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I know that horror story all too well. It's been a really long time since it happened to me, though. Last summer in a big lot of aquarium equipment I bought I ended up with this nifty device that's basically a rubber squeeze-ball type of thing with a valve. I can attach it to the other end of my gravel vac, give it a few pumps, and the water starts flowing without having to use my mouth to get things started. Really nifty.

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Gak!! I hope that never happens to me. Includiing the spider :)

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Fill up the entire siphon with water from your faucet and block both ends. Then place one end underwater in your tank, and the other in your waste bucket. The let 'em loose, and voila! You have a mouth free siphon!

I'm sure you are not alone in the mouthful siphoning method, I've gotten a few mouthfuls myself!
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Well i woke up alive today so i think im going to make it. And I have the worst luck with spiders that drop down from the ceiling cause it happens far too often. Back in high school i have a little spider drop down from the ceiling as i was walking to lunch and it landed right on my lip. But i might have to invest in one of those syphon starters cause im starting to feel sick again thinking about what i swallowed.
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