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vacation feeder - pyramids

Has anyone used these pyramid vacation feeders? If so, what is your opinion on them?

Aquarium Fish Vacation Foods: Pyramid Feeders & Vitamin/Mineral Blocks

it's for my 35G medium to heavily planted tank with about 20 fish of mixed guppies/dwarf rainbowfish/neon tetras/cories/BN pleco

thanks in advance!

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I have used them once when i went away for 8 days, i guess it worked because when i returned all the fish were alive. However i have read that fish can go a lot longer than we think without the commercial food we feed them. They will find food on plants and in the substrate, but thats not to say we should leave them without food LOL
If your going away for 2-3 days then i would just feed them before you leave. Any longer then throw a pyramid in.
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thanks. I'll give it a shot then.
I'll be gone for 10 days, so I'll need something in there for the fish. With a lot of live plants though it's already a lot easier because there are always little things for the fish to nibble on when they are hungry :)
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buy an automatic feeder. Eheim makes a good one that they sell at petsmart. Those pyramids are pretty lame IMO.
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Originally Posted by lipadj46 View Post
buy an automatic feeder. Eheim makes a good one that they sell at petsmart. Those pyramids are pretty lame IMO.
I do have an automatic feeder, but I have a number of issues with it:

1) it is very hard to control the amount of flakes it puts in,
2) it needs the aquarium top to be open... a lot of water evaporates that way
3) I have a lot of floating plants, and it is very likely that the flakes/pellets will end up landing on top of them, and just end up disintegrating there.

however, none of the above drawbacks are very serious. if the pyramids are really that bad, I'll go with the automatic feeder again. that is why I wanted people's opinion on the pyramids.

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I know there are alot of block haters out there but I'v used the blocks several times with no negative impact on the tank except for slight raise in Ph, which is the least of your worries when your gone for ten days.

15 years of fishing/ fish tank experience that sometimes I learned the hard way....... but I'm always still learning.

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