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This is a discussion on Vacation concerns within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Don't use those gel packs, god they make a mess. auto feeders are good, I like that F14 you mention, but only fill with ...

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Don't use those gel packs, god they make a mess. auto feeders are good, I like that F14 you mention, but only fill with about 3/4 of what you would normally feed, so they don't get too much.

In the last two years, I have taken three - 2 week vactions.

I keep Discus with a few Otos, Khulis, Neons and a couple of Rams.

On the first two occasions, I left an autofeeder. When I got home each time one Discus was dead (always the runt of the tank)....

I believe they go feral when I am away...and the lessor fish "takes one for the team". I have no proof of this, but they are personable fish, the water parameters were OK and the feeder kept them from going hungry...

Long story short, I have learned that the best method, is to have someone come in and give them attention every 3 days or so...they can also feed them and take out any dead fish before they get fed you have anyone that can come in? If you do, you are golden. Except the shrimp, I never kept shrimp, but I would assume they are not tolarant of many things.

I did this on my last vacation and all was well when I got home.

If you are only going away for one week, you are probably OK, follow Fish4all's advice. I think my deaths happened in the last few days because the dead fish looked "fresh"...
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Thgere is the possibility of getting blackworms and deliberately putting them in the substrate so they can hide and be picked off by the fish while you are gone. I do not know how well this would work but has seen it somewhere.
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Fish are usually just fine for a week. Remember, fish don't eat every day in nature. Its far better to leave them unfed for a week than have someone try to take care of them or spoil the water with one of those vacation feeders.
Just feed them as regular the day before you leave. Turn the light off; the fish don't need it, as the light is just for our benefit. Keeping the tank dark while you're away keeps the fish more calm.

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