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uv sterilizer

i'm just having a look around ebay,and i have come across
a uv unit,and i have a couple of questions.........
are they just for marine tanks,or can you use them for fresh water,
and how many fish keepers use them,anyone here ?
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I don't have one but have done some homework on them so I want one. I'm actually looking at a canister filter with one built into it. If I'm going to upgrade I need to do it all at once.

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My whole fishroom is using UV sterilizers on the supply lines. Each reservoir has a sterilizer on the "output" side of each reservoir. I use the 14w,I think, because of the high water flow from each pump.

(2)300g, (2)210-220g, (1)180g, (1)125g and the (2)90g tanks each have UV sterilizers running on the output side of one of my Magnum canisters. I can't remember last losing a fish, having a disease, or fighting algae in those tanks. These are using either 7w or 9w sterilizers.

They can be costly. I was fortunate to get mine when a fish store went out of business. I paid a bulk price for tanks and equipment. These were in the lot. I do think that they pay for themselves in the long run.
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many thanks for replying,it's always nice to have people
who have got these things/know about them. :)
so if i could have got it for 99p $0.99 it would have been worth it then ?
or is it best to pay top dollar for one.
oh yeah one more thing if i may,if it was used for fresh water
could it later be used for a salt water set up ?
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I personally think if you Can afford one grab it - theyll help with algea and i think even kill parasites like ich when its in transit form. (could be wrong but i dont know they help prevent certain diseases which means you save on the cost of new fish and medicines)
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I use this:


I didn't buy it from here, I think I only paid $60 or so, look around for it.

I love it, works great, no more ich outbreaks, and no algae blooms.
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thanks for the link. :)
yeah i think i will get one.
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