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Used aquarium - preventing leaks?

I've been given a 90-gallon aquarium & stand. It's been sitting unused for 5 years (stable surface). I took it outside last month, filled it with water, let it stand for a week - no leaks. It's in great condition and the seal looks good. Should I trust it? I'm on wood floors now -- what idiot invented floors that cannot get wet??? -- and really don't want 90 gallons of water - or even 2 gallons - on the floor.

It's an ordinary aquarium; 5 glass panes, fake wood strips at top & bottom.

Would adding an extra layer of sealant be any use? My (admittedly very small) experience with sealant is that it smells pretty strong. Tugging it outside to reseal it will be an unpleasant job, as my assistant-tugger has a bad back.

I appreciate your advise!
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Did you fill it all the way up for a week?

I'd say it's good to go.
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if it didnt leak for a week then id say its good to go :D
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Most tanks have a very flexible silicone sealant. If you have filled it and it doesn't leak, I would say that you are good to go.
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I had a gift of a second hand tank, and it was fine for about 6 months or so. Then it started to leak very slightly, just down one seam. I found a product called "Gold Label Pond and Aquarium Sealer, 'One Shot'" which is both fish safe and will set when wet or even under water. A couple of dobs of that on the spot where it leaked and it was all good, without having to empty the whole tank and stress the fish out lots. Also the tank (which is only 2.5g) seems to be homemade as the original sealant in it is a bit smeary and uneven, which could have contributed to the leak.

So i'd say go for it, if it was fine for a week, odds are that it will be good for life, but if it does go a bit drippy there are products out there that'll fix it quickly and easily. Hope you enjoy the new tank!
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Yes, I filled it all the way. I will go ahead with it, then. Thanks for the suggestion of the sealer, in case it ever does leak.

Again, thanks for your help!
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