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Upgrading to Canister filtration, can anyone help me?


I'm new to posting, but a longtime lurker; I have a 80 gallon tank on under-gravel filtration, and I've come to the point where I feel I need to upgrade, and get rid of this muck-ridden mess. I've had this tank for a long time now, and the only inhabitant of it is a fairly old (over 12 years) Raphael Catfish. I plan to make this tank into an African Cichlid community.

I decided canister filtration appears to the best step in this upgrade. I want to go with an Eheim Classic 2215. I also am thinking about the addition of an Emperor BIO-Wheel 400 for the added biological benefits (I heard this is a good addition for deep water tanks like mine is). Or am I going overboard with the addition of a bio-wheel??

My major problem is, I have no idea exactly how a canister filteration system is setup. I don't want to buy the canister filter from Foster&Smith and end up needing additional items. What additional things do I need for such a system besides just the canister filter out of the box? Looking on the web, there's so much information it's overwhelming. I just need to know what I need for a canister filter system. I also want to know if there's any additional steps in the process of transforming the under-gravel setup into canister other than just removing the UG system and the installation of the canister filter system. I'm aware canisters involve mixtures of various efhisubstrats, ect.--Is there any particular formula of substrates that are good?

I also wanted to add a powerhead or two, bubble wand and a new water heater. Any suggestions? I am looking at an Aquaball Powerhead 1212 for the powerhead option.

Thanks, :D
- Charger 1969
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I'll let you know tomorrow night after I set mine up! I ordered the same thing from Fosters & Smith and have been so anxious to get it set up. I just found out it's still at working waiting for me. I can't wait to get rid of the POS that's in my tank now. I was also thinking about the Bio Wheel but wasn't sure how they connected since I've read somewhere that you can connect everything like it was one system. One step at a time for me..it's easier on my husband that way! LOL

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i baught my aqua nova and it came with all the parts readdy to run, basicly u need the hard plastic which is mounted on the tank, the water filter head for the water IN and a pipe with a curve in it at the end for water RETURN.u mite need to buy some filter media if it doesnt come with it, read the box'd like i said my aqua nova came readdy to run + had a push thing on it that filled the lines with water in about 3 seconds + media filter + everything.dont forget to get the right size tubing too, but also see what it comes with i made the mistake of buying some n the filter came with it :S
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The filter came with everything except filter media. Sponges and a chemical media came with it too. I already had the ceramic rings so i was up and running in less than an hour. I love it already and just got it running last night. I have one tube in the tank I can see and that's it! I'm so glad I bought it!

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Thanks! I will have to order media with my order I guess.

Anyone know about the bio-wheel option? I want to add a biowheel..
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