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Old 09-19-2009, 04:16 PM   #1
Talking Upgrading

Hi everyone! I need help, i thought I knew what i was doing, but now im a little scared so now i want to run it by everyone.

I have a 1 gallon fry tank, i know too small. I have more than 40 baby fry, so i bought a 5 gallon tank. I do constant water changes because it does NOT have a filter, so now the 5 gallon tank has a filter.

Alright so i was planning on just putting the gravel, the bubble wand and some water from the little tank into the new 5 gallon tank. And then i would just take some water from my well-established 20 gallon tank and then move all the fry at once into the new tank, then i listened to my plan as I told one of my friends, and started to feel unsure that this was going to work out. So now the question, can i do my plan, or should i cycle the tank and all that and introduce the fish gradually or any other ideas?

Thank You
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I am guessing that the 1gal tank is not cycled. Adding gavel from an uncycled tank will not help feed the new cycle.
Is the 20 gal cycled? If so, I would add the gravel from that tank. The water itself does not contain the bacteria you need to cycle a tank, so just adding the water will not help.
Can you somehow fit the cycled media from the 20 gal into the filter of the 5 gal? That would help a great deal.

I would not wait to move all of the fish from the 1 gal into the 5 gal. The extra volume of water will help keep the ammonia and nitrite from spiking as quickly.

Still do your water changes and test the 5 gal daily, to make sure the "seeding" of the new tank is working.
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Old 09-19-2009, 04:45 PM   #3
Well the 20 gallon tank has fish in it. And yes both tanks are cycled, the fry have been living there for about 6 weeks. So........
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Just remove a couple hand fulls of the gravel out of the 20 gal, to put in the 5 gal.
Cut out a section of the filter media from the 20, to place in the new filter. You can place some of the gravel in the filter as well.
That should work. I was not trying to suggest a tear down of the 20 gal.
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