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upgrade from 55 to 125.stock and filter help

ok here is the deal, i will be upgrading real soon to a 125gallon fw(waiting on the tank)..i have two tanks running now a 55 and a 29..between the two tanks i have 1 yellow lab, 1 blue convict?, 3 plecos, 2 giant danios, 1 bala shark, 2 parrott fish, 2 others that i cant remember the name of, and two cherry barbs and 5 clown loachs..

the filters are 2 eheim eccos 2236? i think..one on each..two filters are on order right now 2 rena filstar xp3 canister filters..all four will be on the 125..i also just bought 50lbs of white gravel to be mixed in with the gravel thats in the 55 and the 29..

do anybody have any suggestions on stocking the 125 with more fish or equipment (powerheads)..i will use the heater from the 55 and will be a new one 250-300watt...

so if anybody have any suggestions please feel free to msg me i would really like it

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First off, welcome to TFK!!!

125G!! what a great tank to have!! My father has one, and it's just beautiful.....you'll have plenty of luck with it and hopefully we'll get lots of pics during your build.

To answer some of your questions....

--I do not have much experience, hardly any at all with cichlids ( i believe thats what hte lab and convict are)....so I will let someone else answer the questions on those. But I know you will want to up the number of your danios to 6. They are a schooling fish that feel more comfortable in groups and you way more than have room for it!!
--The Plecos...do you know what kind they are....that would help us out on those!!
-- You'll want to up the number of your barbs too, they also like to be in shoals I believe...

others will be along to comment on the balashark and the parrot fish, I have no experience with them...

What color is the gravel in your other two tanks? I had white gravel in my tank before I converted it to a natural plant setting....i wasn't a fan of the white and after some research i learned that it was bright and uncomfortable to my fish as well....so maybe keep that in mind when you mix it with the other gravel from your tanks.

I have never used the Rena or Eheim filters. I do know the members on here have them on their tanks and swear by them. Byron uses a Rena as well as 'Mean Harri'....'Angel' uses the eheim series as well as some others and I know she loves them. Even though I have not used them, I did some research for you and here's what i came up with. First off, I think 4 canister filters of that size will be more than enough to take care of your tank. here's what I got for you

Eheim's will fitler 159 gph...with two of those you're looking at 318 gph.
Rena XP3 will filter 350 gph...with two of thse you're looking at 700 gph.

With all four filters, you're looking at 1,018 gph. Which means you're 125 gallon tank will cycle roughly 8 times an hour, it also means you'll be cycling 17 gallons a minute.....I'd say yo'ull be ok!!!

Have you any other thoughts as to which fish you're going to stock with or plants??? I'd love to hear your plans on a tank that size!!

hope some of that helped you out!!! others will be along

and again, WELCOME!

“The space between the tears we cry is the laughter that keeps us coming back for more...."-- Dave Matthews

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thanks so much for your response...gonna try to answer your questions...the plecos are "common plecos" and two of them are kinda big but funny thing is that they are in the 29 gallon and are getting bigger, one in the 55 is holding his size not really growiang that fast...the gravel in the 55 is a blue, natural, and black mix and the gravel in the 29 is blue/green mix...not much thought on the stock, maybe you guys could give me a few suggestions on that..yes i will provide pics as soon as possible..the danios at one time were in the 6-7 numbers but dwindled down over the past 3 years to two as did the barbs...i have a question about powerheads in the tank to increase circulation..should i go with two (1 on each side) or what...im gonna paint the back of the tank either blue or black not sure which..leaning towards the blue..
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what is this "egg crate" stuff i keep hearing about since i have a larger tank.....HELP
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Welcome to TFK!

Here's egg crate:

I'm not sure that you really need it...the two applications it usually has in the aquarium hobby are as a light diffuser and something to put in the bottom of the tank to prevent rocks (I mean big rocks, not aquarium gravel substrate) from resting directly on the glass.

What are your water parameters (pH and hardness)? Those will really determine what kind of stocking you're limited to. The list of fish you mentioned prefer a pretty wide variety of parameters and have other compatibility issues (particularly the meaner cichlids being kept with the more docile community fish) so I think it would be best to either rehome some of the fish or to keep some of your smaller tanks and use those for some of the fish that might be problematic in a community setup.

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hey thanks for the response....yea the blue one is the mean one in the tank i was actually thinking that i should just keep the 55 running and turn it into a cichlid tank or maybe turn the 125 into a cichlid tank..IM SO CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..will let me ask this question,,,,IF IT WAS YOU and you had two tanks to work with, a 55 and a 125, what would you do
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If I had to start from scratch it would be a really tough choice as I really like both cichlids and community tanks, but since you've already got fish you need to accommodate, I would put most of the fish into the 125 as a community tank and use the 55g as a cichlid tank. Here's my thinking behind that idea:

1 yellow lab - Unlike most of your other fish, this guy really should be in hard, alkaline water. He's also mainly an herbivore but as you're probably well aware by now cichlids are eating machines and will eat whatever they can get their fins on. Add in their particularly nasty attitudes (though yellow labs are among the most docile of the African rift lake cichlids) and you've got a group of fish that really do better in specialized cichlid tank setups. You could set up a really nice Lake Malawi tank in the 55g with some more yellow labs (and possibly a group of another species of Lake Malawi cichlids). The tanks aren't difficult: just sand or crushed coral for substrate, heaps of rocks (even limestone is fine) for decor and hiding places and you're all set.

1 blue convict? - This is kind of your "odd man out." Convicts won't work well with the African cichlids due to behavior differences and different dietary needs, but it probably wouldn't be a good idea to keep this fish in a peaceful community tank either as they can be quite nasty. Things get much worse when you have a pair of them but even solitary fish can be problematic in a community setting.

3 plecos - Assuming these are common plecos, they really need to be in the bigger 125g as these fish can get to 18+ inches. They can sometimes get territorial as adults and are huge waste producers so keeping three of them even in a tank as large as a 125g long-term might not be so easy. If they're a smaller species, though, they'll probably be just fine.

2 giant danios - Should work just fine in a community tank long-term and will really appreciate the six feet of swimming room in the 125g. These are schooling fish, though, so I would recommend getting more of them. At least six would be good.

1 Bala Shark - These lunkers can grow over 12" long and are schooling fish so you should get some more of them if you can. A six-foot long tank (i.e. your 125g) is pretty much a minimum size for these guys as they're large and active. They're not especially predatory but as they get bigger they will eat smaller fish (i.e. your cherry barbs). They are nice looking fish but they just get so darn big.

2 parrott fish - These are a "maybe" in a community tank. Some have kept them in communities with no problems but I've heard of them eating small fish and they can sometimes be aggressive. As far as I know most parrots are sterile but the two could potentially form a pair and try to spawn anyway, which might increase the aggression factor. Keep an eye on them, for sure, and be prepared for issues.

2 others that i cant remember the name of - Any way you could describe these or, better yet, post a picture of them for identification?

Two cherry barbs - Totally docile community fish. They do really nicely in groups of three with one male and two female. Once you have six (two male and four female) you'll see the males really start to color up once they start competing for the females. They're pretty small, though, so they might be potential food items for the balas and parrots once those fish get some size on them.

5 clown loaches - These also get quite large (over a foot and sometimes larger than that) but are slow-growers. It's good that you have them in a group as they prefer that. They're pretty good community fish although they can be quite enthusiastic in their playful behavior.

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thanks for the response...i will take a pic of the other two and upload it for you guys to indentify..and yea i was kinda thinking the same thing on making the 55gallon a cichlid tank...i think once i calm down i will be able to think better but the thought of the 125 gets my brain going..lol....none of my friends understand why im so excitied over a "fish tank"...soo thats why i come here and run around like a kid in a candy store wanting everything and asking a lot of questions...so what are your thoughts on a powerhead or two in the 125?
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Powerheads aren't really needed in freshwater tanks, unless you're specifically trying to set up a river tank or something. Usually the filters will provide adequate (or even more than adequate, depending on the fish) water movement.

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Originally Posted by iamntbatman View Post
Powerheads aren't really needed in freshwater tanks, unless you're specifically trying to set up a river tank or something. Usually the filters will provide adequate (or even more than adequate, depending on the fish) water movement.

hey thanks for the response...so i guess the powerheads was just something I wanted for the fish..hehehehehehe...the danios seemed to like to swim against the current and when i had a schoal of them, they would schoal with the bala sharks i had which was kinda cool to watch....

at first i wanted to combine the two tanks into one big one but i think i might end up having two tanks, the 55 and the 125..still trying to figure out which to make a cichlid and which to make a community tank..

if i use the 125 as a community tank what type of fish would be good for a "center piece" fish or main attraction...

still working on getting the pic up of the ones i cant remember..the 125 is suppose to be in today..so maybe i will ck with the guys at the LFS and get the name of the fish...

so to you and everybody else if you all have ANY suggestions on the tank PLEASE feel free to leave a msg....

you guys are so helpfull, thanks for all of your knowledge and for allowing folks like me to pick your brain..
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