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Trying to speed up cycle in a fry Tank ?

Hello! In my 25 gallon of 6 female platys and 3 otos I've noticed 2 red calicos getting fatter and fatter. One of the females gave birth in the middle of the night and I was able to save 3 fry, they are in a breeder box until the 10 gallon is ready ( for all future babies ) I finally got the tank and everything for it yesterday and its running. I seeded an extra filter cartridge for a few weeks just for it, put in a couple of the decorations and a cup of the gravel. Fishless so I put in a tsp of ammonia. Today I tested and ammonia was at 4 ppm and a trace of nitrites. How long should this cycle take if theres already nitrites? I just want the tank finish fast so the fry have a good place to grow.
Thanks for any input or advice.


25 gallon: 3 red calico platys
2 mickey mouse
1 blue tuxedo
3 oto catfish
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It can still take a while (several weeks) to establish enough bacteria to handle the nitrite levels. I would suggest doing water changes to bring those ammonia and nitrite levels down, as both are harmful to your fish (especially the fry).

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The fry aren't in the tank yet :P They are still floating in the main tank waiting for their new home. I did a partial water change today and am picking up a little 50 watt heater for the 10 gallon.
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Oh, duh

But yeah, unfortunately it can take a long time for those nitrites to go away.

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did another test last night and i've got low ammonia, tad high nitrites and nitrates at 10ppm. ph around 7.5
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Purchase Seachem's Stability and begin it in your tank and follow the directions exactly. First day is a double dose of the amount needed, then a single dose for then next 7 days. You will notice it says you can add fish immediately. This will speed up your tank cycling. The bottle of Seachem is cheap if you get the small one.

Here's a link to Seachem responding to a hobbyist query about the product. I wouldn't listen to others who have never used the product as I've found they are experts on what is contained in the bottle although they've never used it nor know what's inside the bottle.
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