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Trying Again, 29 Gallon Planted

Around Thanksgiving I set up a 20 gallon planted tank with a male Betta and a Bristlenose Pleco as occupants.
The central piece of decor in the tank was a large piece of grapewood, which ended up either poisoning the tank or causing a massive Nitrite spike.
I managed to save the Betta, but I lost the Pleco.
I cleaned the tank back out and set it back up without the grapewood (of course) and was waiting for the Betta to complete his recovery before putting him back in.

For Christmas my wife got me a 29 gallon tank kit and stand, so I tore the 20 gallon down and set up the 29.
In it I have:
1 Argentinian Sword
1 Bleheri Sword (came with a stalk with 4 adventitious sprouts on it)
4 Stalks Wisteria
5 Anubias
A lot of Java Fern
A couple of Pots of Miro Sword
A wad of Java Moss.
Gravel Substrate
Some snails Petco gave me for being such a loyal customer

I have also recruited a shoal of 7 Glowlight Tetras to help me get the tank in order before I add the Betta back in. I agreed to get them out of the tiny, sterile tank at the LFS and give them a roomy well planted home, and they agreed to swim around like little torpedoes and eat like pigs.

I have a small piece of driftwood in the tank currently, it came with an Anubias attached, and am waiting for another medium sized piece to become waterlogged in a bucket in the basement.

I plan on adding a couple of crypts and some vals once I get the last piece of driftwood in the tank.
After I add the Betta back in I plan to introduce a school of 6 corydorus, and eventually another Bristlenose pleco to complete my stock.

I think I have enough plants to help minimize any Ammonia/Nitrite swings, but daily testing will help with that.
Anything I've overlooked?
Anything I should do differently?
Any advice at all?
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The only advice I have to say is Wisteria needs moderate lighting and mirco swords needs bright lights. So I don't know what kind of lighting you have but might want to keep an eye on those plants and see how they fare.
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I've got a 24" 6500K ZooMed UltrSun bulb in my fixture.

The Wisteria is mostly there to soak up Ammonia while the tank seasons a bit, I hope it sticks around but I won't be too sad if it doesn't.
I also plan on ordering some Watersprite, just have to get around to it.

The plastic tag on the microsword saysit needs "Moderate" light, itt's the Lilaeopsis brasiliensis if that matters.
What experience did you have with it that you found it needed more light?
Is it just because it's shorter than other plants and gets shaded out?
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The light you have puts you in low lighting. I would float the wisteria and it might be alright.
I have tried Micro sword twice. The first time it didn't do very well. I am currently trying it again. I have read where it can do alright with low to bright lights but have never had any luck with it. Best bet in planting it is to sperate the blades out a little which will help with getting more light and not getting algae on the blades. This plant grows slowly from what I have read btw.
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Will it float better than the Anacharis?
That tends to float just above the substrate, I might pull it out when the new driftwood is ready.
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I have only floated Wisteria a couple of times. I also have never had anacharis but wisteria will stay at the top surface and will put out long white roots if it is getting the lightand nutrients it needs (just my experience.) I was actually able to grow my Wisteria planted in the substrate and some of the trimmings are what I floated the rest I would throw away. I redid my tank and got rid of all but one stalk of it.
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If the microsword is actually Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (photo attached for reference), it does need brighter lighting. Some sources mention "moderate" but they class that as 2+ watts per gallon which to me is bright, not moderate.

I have one of these in my 70g which has the brightest lighting of any of my tanks (but still not above "moderate") and an enriched substrate, and still it is struggling. Pygmy chain sword or Dwarf Sagittaria would be better and though slightly larger, quite similar in appearance.

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That looks like what I've got.
We'll just have to see how it does.
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