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I give my bettas frozen BW once a week, usually once a month (because I get lazy) :)

But with even more tropical fish, I'm hoping once every two weeks would work. Thanks guys!

What have you heard about live feeding brine shrimp?

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Live and frozen foods can be great in balanced amounts. They are best if used more as treats. chopped worms (redworms/nightcrawlers), insect larvae...
The only issue is that many of these are high in fat, but low in protein so should be fed sparingly. Fish love them and kids love candy, but it's not a good steady diet.
I often feed my fish frozen brine shrimp after the weekly water change as a treat.
(and I have some angel fry that I'm feeding frozen baby brine shrimp).

Originally Posted by Neil D View Post
I give my bettas frozen BW once a week, usually once a month (because I get lazy) :)

But with even more tropical fish, I'm hoping once every two weeks would work. Thanks guys!

What have you heard about live feeding brine shrimp?

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Live baby brine shrimp are an excellent treat and very nutritious. They are often used as a first fry food and to encourage spawning in some species. The most difficult part in hatching brine shrimp eggs for me, is keeping the hatchery at a high enough temperature. There are hatcheries that are actually placed inside the aquarium. That takes care of the temperature issue; however, they are so small that the number of shrimp produced at one time is fairly low. I'm sure our members have some very good recipes. If you want to raise the brine shrimp to adult size, well, then you're almost getting into another type of tank.

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As has been said, live and frozen foods should always be considered "treats" and not fed regularly.
Once a week or at most twice is all that bloodworms should be fed. Frozen daphnia is a good frozen food too, better (more nutrition) than shrimp. I personally wouldn't waste time and effort on live shrimp unless when raising fry, as the nutritional value is almost nil except in newly hatched brine shrimp.

And on the topic of nutrition, there is good nutrition in most prepared foods, esp if you stay with NLS and Omega One. If fish will eat these--and most will--they will have a better diet than any frozen or even live foods unless you are able to culture various insect larvae.

I have found most smallish fish like cardinals to be better with the micro pellet NLS food. My cardinals gobble this up, but fuss over the larger size. And larger fish will readily eat the micro; my Congo Tetra are so fast at grabbing these micro pellets as they sink that none reach the bottom.


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