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Transfering Fish Between Tanks

I've been moving fish around a bit lately, and just wanted to check -- every time I switch fish from one tank to another, I bag them up in original tank water, sit them in the new tank and slowly add the new tank water. Is this really necessary? How much do different water parameters impact the fish? If temp and pH are very stable among the tanks, can I just scoop up from tank A and drop in tank B?

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When I move my guppies from a small tank to a grow-out tank, I just put them in a cup and move them. I do this weekly and rarely see any loses, so I would say that from my experience, you can just take the fish and put it in the other tank.

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OK Be very carefull in doing it. For any sickness in any of your tanks. So that way you dont transfer it tank to tank. I personaly know my tanks inside and out so i just net the fish and drop them. In my tanks that are pretty close to the same para readings. I do not transfer hard water to soft or brakish. So make sure they are the same. I think bagging them to transfer would give them more stress then just droping in my opinion. Some one eles will corect me if im wrong. Or have ther own ways to. So good luck.
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what kind of fish do you have that you are moving around?
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Since they're both your own tanks the water parameters are likely going to be very close. I wouldn't worry about it from that standpoint.

The big one to me is disease. If you're moving fish around without QT you could be running the risk of passing around a disease between all your tanks.

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