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Too colorful?

I just finished decorating my new 92 gallon tank with blue gravel, lots of green plants and some red-brown driftwood. I have about the same color/style of decor in my 55 gallon. I recently bought a used 75 gallon that I won't start setting up until August, but I would like to start planning decor. While I like my other tanks, I want something different. I was at the LFS recently and saw that they had a lot of different fake plants in bright and neon colors. My 92 gal is the tank I plan on using for live plants so I want to 75 gal mostly fake. Also, the tank came with a mix of bright purple and light green rocks and I plan on making my own ceramic decor so I can paint it any color. Has anyone ever set up a brightly colored tank like that? Does it look nice or is it really tacky? Are fish okay with a lot of bright colors? Any other different/better ideas?
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Uuuugh, somehow that just sounds tacky to me, and I doubt the fish like it much better. Usually I can't even stand seeing those colors in a little bitty tank, but I guess it's personal preference.

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Those neon colors look so tacky.
They hurt my eyes and look as though you didn't really think about a theme.
BUT, if it is what your prefer, go ahead.
However I'm sure fish would not appreciate bright colors, as fish's colors come out and they are less stressed with darker decor.
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Don't be afraid to use bright neon colors. Sure it can look tacky but if you go with really well made coral and natural looking anenome, plants and such you can really set up a very nice looking tank. Make sure to get quality plants/ornaments though so you can clean them and nt worry about them breaking down.

As for the fish, there is a display tank in Olympia I saw a couple years ago that was off the wall rocking bright with color. Neons, flourescents, and a ton of color including the rocks in the tank. The background was even a psychadelic coloration. The fish in the tank were actually the brightest colored fish I had seen in a while. They were raised in the tank with all the colors and they were extrememly happy. While I expect that there was an unexplained death or two in the 12 years it had been up the owner of the tank said that he never had to worry about the fish and they were never ill. Only fish he tried to put in there that were not raised in the color scheme seemed to have an problems. The tank also had true black light over it which made half the tank litterally glow. The fish didn't mind and actually played around the brighter plants when the blacklight was on.

And yes, it was freshwater tank with neons, black phantoms, cories, some other tetras and other fish I don't remember.

Fish can adapt to just about anything if you do it right. After all, they adapt to actually letting us come up to the tank and not freaking out like we are going to eat them so why not bright colors? In nature they would be gone in a flash.

Ceramics huh. Make sure to use good quality acrylic paint if oyu are gonna try to paint with them. I have yet to find any of them actually that will stand up to time under water. I know it is hard to get good bright colors in fired glazes but you will be much happier using them instead of acrylics.
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I belong to an aquarium society that sponsors a "show" with judging of fish and tanks. Each year, I enter a tank I call "Au Gaude" using neon gravel, plants and a black light in the "fantasy" class. One year I entered one with all black gravel, plants and fish. lol Every year it is a challenge to come up with something to out do the year before. I actually won the judging for 11 consecutive years. I took a couple of years off the began another run of 10 years.

Neon has its place. Besides, t's your tank, you do what you want with it. It's not like it's impossible to change the layout if you change your mind now, is it?
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Thanks for the replies. I am really just brainstorming for good ideas and inspiration so am not set in stone on lots of colors. At least I have several months to make more decisions.
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perhaps if it were not to cost you loads in money, buy the things you want,and do a "dry run". i did this with
a tank ages ago, all kitted out with silk plants and wood,
the only worry i had really was if i would be able
to see the fish,lol
i'm all for natural settings however there is room for the unusual. :)
i think it's a shame that people are worried to do things like this because of the sigma with this idea.
it's your home,your aquarium,beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
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Herefishy- do you have any pictures of the tanks you put together?

willow- I am not so much worried about what others are going to think (though my roommates will have a say in the matter as the tank is the middle of the living room), more I have no idea what that would look like and really don't have the money to completely redo it all if I don't like it. What I am imaging in my head may not be what I end up with. A dry run would be great if i can find the decorations for pretty cheap prices.
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keep a check on places like ebay,aqua bid,you may be
able to grab a bargin. :)
good luck.
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Back in the dark ages, before digital cameras. You are probably too young to remember that far back. lol

Besides, even if they had digital cameras, I was spending all of my money on fish.

As far as buying the stuff you need. see if your lfs has a "bargain area", an area set aside for discontinued or used merchandise. I buy alot of my filters, lights, hoods, ect that way.

And you all thought I was rich. rofl
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