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Originally Posted by unlimitedx
how about harlequin rasboras?
They can reach 2 inches and can easily consume the fry. Golden pencilfish(Nannostomus beckfordi) are another option. I have them and they never seem to eat the fry when I had praecox rainbow fry surviving in borrowed time.

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hi unlimitedx.... with all the back and forth going on here, i got a little confused :). are you still thinking about going with the 6g eclipse tank? if so, my suggestion would be well-planted with some cherry shrimp and a betta or maybe some shrimp and a trio of scarlet badis. if i'm wrong, i'm sure someone will come along to correct me :) good luck
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12 gallons for me! :)
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You got the 12 Gallon? In my opinion that was a good decision. It opens up a lot more options for you. :D

You could have most smallish Tetras, Dwarf Cories such as Panda, Peppered or Bronze Corydoras, livebearers such as endlers, Platies, Swordtails or Guppies, some Rasboras such as Harlequin Rasboras (quite similar to Tetras) and perhaps a Dwarf Gourami or two. Obviously don't get all of these, just choose a few.

You also need to consider your water. Do you have test kits for pH? What is the pH. If it is below 7.0 (acidic) Tetras and Cories would be a better option, if it is over 7.0 (alkaline) Platies or Guppies would be more suitable. Beware, don't buy Sailfin Mollies, which are similar to Platies, are messy and will outgrow your tank, so stay away from them. :D

Best of luck,
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