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Originally Posted by sunnyshine
Determine how you will provide nutrients for your aquatic animals without ever feeding it.
I find this question quite narrow. You cannot provide nutrients to the fish without giving them various foods which includes live foods but this cannot be done in a 1.5 liters soda bottle. We often recommend you vary the food menu as fish can obtain different vitamins in several foods provided.
How will your aquatic animals get rid of their waste? (hint: this will require a decomposer)
Gravel vacuuming otherwise only the lazy person would ever think plecos can eat crap. Aquaria is a closed ecosystem and so is the pond so we use filtration and vacuuming to eliminate the crap.
Water: fresh tap, old tap, distilled, or pond water?
Gravel, sand, or a mix?
Tap water treated with dechlorinator is recommended. Pond water has a lot of harmful microorganisms and is not advisable for use.
It seems like we're supposed to create a food chain in there, so that they get their nutrients and food naturally rather than being fed. So, any advice on any of these topics?
Your teacher is so wrong. This will happen only in the pond, not a 1.5 liter soda bottle. We'd never recommend any fish for that size of container.

By the way, welcome to Fishforum.com, Sunnyshine.:)

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Thank you for the welcome, and all of everyones help so far. I really appreciate it. This seems like its going to be more difficult than I thought! I still could use as many suggestions anyone has. I have to bring everything in (plants, gravel/sand, whatever aquatic animals I end up using) on Monday, so any suggestions up until then would be greatly appreciated. Also, just wanted to point out that after the 5 weeks in the classroom, I will be bringing them home with me to keep them in a regular aquarium. They will probably be shocked at all of their free space!
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hm my guppies have been living for one week so far with my turtle (mwuaha) and they have only been living of algae growth on the plants an tank walls?

if u have to do the project and the thing definitly be by a window, i think lots of algae would grow and give a couple little guppies and a snail a month so survive.

i would get feeder guppies. and a small..and try to find a nonself reproducting snail

thats what i would do as bad as it is, but i think u would pass

fishie fishie fishie
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something like Ecosphere?


This is probably what she is trying to teach you...why is each item a part of the cycle...

Though I do find it a bit cruel. These things don't even have lids!
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The Ecosystem in the above post sounds like a good idea to me. You could probably get away with a small plant, gravel, and a ghost shrimp. If possible, you might want to get some gravel from an established aquarium to help the bio load.
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In a closed ecosystem, you can't not intervene somehow to keep the inhabitants alive. Seems like a flawed project to me. :/

If this has been a success for the teacher in the past, it's likely not due to successful self-sustaining ecosystems being created by students, more like the creatures are hardy and probably suffered like mad, just barely surviving the 5 weeks.

Tanks: 40 gal FW setup, 10 gal Reef tank.

Old BC8 setup: http://www.fishforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=10744
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When you do purchase your plants, just a word of caution: do NOT get the white-edged, long, pointed-leaf things. These are terrestrial plants, not aquatic plants, and they won't help you out on this project at all. And I would agree with everyone else - just use snails or shrimp and avoid fish. Even the smallest of fish won't survive long, and if a fish dies in there at, say, two weeks into the project, you will have a stinky, smelly mess on your hands since you are not allowed to remove the carcass. Snails are much, much heartier and they will eat decaying plant leaves (feeding themselves).

Hope the project goes smoothly for you.

Best wishes for your fishes!
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Thank you very much for everyone's help.
The project has been postponed, and I don't have to bring in any plants/critters until Friday...
So tips are still greatly appreciated up until then. Thanks again!
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does it have to be freshwater? Cause if not you can always be a wise ass and walk in with one of these

EcoSphere Self-Contained Underwater Ecosystems

Or try to make one yourself shouldn't be too hard there's tons of info out there on how these little buggers work and whats in them down to the last measurement.

I had a project similar to this myself for my marine bio class so I came in with this and the box for it she read the box looked at everyone else's projects and declared me the winner for having the only ecosystem that can last at least 2 yrs. BTW my teacher had a pretty good sense of humor
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Lol it's too late were I'm at I never bothered to look at the date on this post hehe now I feel foolish. Well if you ever decide to time travel back to that day try my idea I guess and get back to me on how it worked
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