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Tiki Aquarium

So SWMBO got me a Tiki aquarium that is all of about 3.5 Gallons (9 in diameter and 15 in tall)

for our basement bar. It has a 10 or 11 Watt coral life bulb, a duetto 100 and I put a small heater in the gravel. I'm looking to plant it heavily (low tech, ferts only, no CO2) and populate it. I have some ideas but wanted to bounce them off of some other folks. I'm thinking of 5-6 fish at most, depending on their sizes.

Fish options: zebra danios, pseudomugil sp.'s, dwarf emerald rasboras, galaxy rasboras, harlequin rasboras, a scarlet gem badis, a dwarf gourami, a betta, or a pearl gourami.

Shrimp: 4 to 5 cherries or zebras

Plants: A. nana, java fern, vals for the background.

Any ideas on any other fish that would do well in a small set up like this? Would you AVOID any of these fish? Why? I'd probably go with 4-6 of the smaller fish or just 1 of the larger ones?

What would be your choice for a nice tall background plants? Foreground/ bottom(keeping in mind there isn't that much)?
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...A 3.5g tank was $360? Yikes.

I would avoid the more active schoolers like the zebra danios, harlequin rasboras and especially the rainbows. They really appreciate a lot of open swimming space so a tank that's only 9 inches across isn't going to be very good for them. I would go for either the badis or perhaps a dwarf puffer or sparkling gourami, as these fish don't need a ton of swimming space.

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I was going to say it but yeah... that is one expensive tank. ~$100 a gallon. I could get a 75 gallon tank minus stand set up for that.

Anyways, at that size a puffer or betta is probably your best bet.

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She got it used. Won't the puffer wipe out any shrimp that I would put in there?

How many dwarf gouramis would you put in it? 3-4?
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Originally Posted by wildman View Post
She got it used. Won't the puffer wipe out any shrimp that I would put in there?

How many dwarf gouramis would you put in it? 3-4?
I wouldn't do one. Way too small IMO for a 3-4" fish, even though they are not very active. More than one would lead to fighting, too, because they are anabantids.

I would do a handful of micro rasboras or some species of Boras... etc. IE, Boras Merah

Look good with a compatibility with shrimp.
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Yeah, 9" diameter tank for a 3" fish is no good. A sparkling gourami might work since it's smaller. The puffer wouldn't work with the shrimp but would definitely be cool.

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