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Things to change in this set-up?

I've had this set-up for almost a whole week!?! I know, right? That's like, forever.

Anyway, all the fish in it seem to be happy, healthy, have vigorous appetites, established territory, and get along (finally) in general.

Honestly, though, I disdain the aquarium backgrounds because
A) They aren't going to hide the filter(s) or heater
B) It'll get wet and damaged
C) It's right up against a dark green wall
D) It's right under a windowsill, so all the light comes in through the glass lid

so I'm not too keen on that suggestion even through I know it
A) Adds depth and helps decor look more intense
B) Helps calm fish
C) Hides unsightly cords and hardware

So yeah, any other ideas, suggestions, or what have you?

Also, what is my snail doing in the second photograph? I've had him for a bit and I've never seen that bulbous protrusion thing going on...?

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Hello and welcome to TFK

Having a background is nice if you have cords hanging for the filter and heater. It will also make your fish stand out much better. Go for a plain black or navy blue background if you do get one and you won't even notice it. I think the one's with pictures on it just make the fish get lost in the shuffle and they should be the focal point obviously :)

As for your snail, I have no clue - it looks like it's trying to mate with your tank decor but my guess would be that it's dropping eggs.

Animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.
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Another thing backgrounds do is block light. Now with a glass top.. it may not count for much. You are going to have massive algae problems very quickly. You will want to get a top that blocks light and a background or move the whole tank.
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Can Mystery snails plop down eggs like that? Nothing was left behind in that general locale... Oh well?

I'm anticipating algae problems, hence the two snails. It's located underneath a large east-faciing window; but over the summer I had three smaller tanks 18" higher and 2' over from where this tank is now. I didn't have algae problems then, but I did frequent water changes and tank scrubs.

I just cannot stand the look of backgrounds. I tried one once, and before the end of the day I completely ruined it with water damage.

So far no one seems unhappy, though; even the female Bettas have no stress stripes.

And thanks for the welcome!
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It's just personal preference you don't have to have a background, it will show better colors on your fish, also the ones from pet stores are actually plastic like so you can get them wet but if you don't want one don't put one on. My newest tank I set up I so far have not put a background on and I may not, I did tape the cords up so I can't see them.

If you don't want to deal with the algae you could put a curtain or blinds in the window or drape something over the top and back of the tank part of the day.

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Paint the tank or get vinyl. That way it will be unaffected by the water. The tank will look much better that way. My personal preference is black.
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I bought some black felt to put in back. I was unable to locate cost-effective black vinyl. Is there a good way to set things up, or will some staples and black duct tape in discrete places take care of things?

Also, how much gravel is really needed? I feel like I have a little too much, considering that substrate is not imperative. When I do my partial water change and cleaning on Wednesday, would removing 5-7lbs be acceptable? Right now it has c. 27lbs in there now.

It totally looks like a beginner -I can only afford plastic plants right now- vomit of color, hahaha!
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Any pet store will have vinyl back ground, I would say you can get a back ground for $6 or less. You can use tape and tape up your felt no problem.

You can remove a good bit of your gravel if you want to, it does seem a little deep to me.

There are some good cheap plant websites, and check out the classifieds there's always plants for sale. I like your rainbow.
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Say wha? There are classifieds?? There are classifieds! That's right up there with Craig's List for things I never needed to know about.

So I took up the background thing, as I said earlier, and I attached it. Woo Sparkles!

Also, I removed some 5+ lbs of gravel. When I was changing water, I left part of my gravel siphon in the tank, and my bettas were interested in it. I decided to leave it in there since they're the only two showing interest in it; they're full grown, too, which means good things for the others in the tank (because the others who aren't full grown show NO interest in it at all, so they won't get stuck)?? They like to swim along and in it, which I thought was interesting.

When I took the photographs the water was still clearing. Is this better?
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Hello and welcome to TFK Looking good with the background and the less amount of gravel in the tank.
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