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Question Are these rocks safe to put in my tank?

Well I found these quartz rocks out here in Oregon 1 year ago and I have had no use for them. I am wondering if it is safe to put these in my planned aquarium. I have read in many places that quartz is safe, but these seem so DIRTY! I'm nervous they'll slowly pollute the water. I have had them sit in a bucket of soap for 3 days, which I may have blown it there , but it made tons of dirt come off. I'll post a picture of one that showed a large difference. But no matter how many times I scrub and rinse them, they still look dirty. Could it just be part of a rock? I really want to put these in the tank, but I don't want the water dirty...
I couldn't even see these mini crystal-like things before, it was all brown.
The part that looks dirty:

My biggest one

My cleanest one

My dirtiest one
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Well I would say they are probably safe to add, but two points, you said you are soaking them in soapy water? No sort of soap should ever be used on anything that will be used in an aquarium so that means the ones you have no should no longer be used. Two, quartz being a crystal has a tendency to be sharp which means it will be easier for fish to injure themselves.

Btw I really like that first one, it has a nice crystal structure on it.
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Thanks zof. I had soaked these in soap water to clean them off before I had planned to put them in the tank
Wish I hadn't done that...
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try to boil them that helped my rocks with algae idk if it works for dirt... becareful and there is a sticky with a few tips on that...

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Boiling a rock has been known to cause the rock to explode. Also, I am dopubtful it would remove whatever may have been absorbed into the rock (like soap, toxins from outside...). If this were me, I would not use them.

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I wouldnt use them.... They can be very sharp like the others have said....

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