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wow what a headache... so glad I don't have to do that
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I have a goldfish tank and an energy-bill conscientious mother, so I'm in the same boat at you. My goldfish tank gets up to 80F on some days in the summer and is just fine with some precautions. Goldfish are temperate fish which means they can take pretty wide seasonal swings. You just have to make sure they have what they need. At higher temperatures they will have a higher rate of metabolism; this just means they need more feedings than when the water is cooler. During the summer I feed mine 3-4 times a day as opposed to the twice a day in the winter. You'll also need to make sure the water has enough dissolved oxygen as warm water doesn't hold it as well. A simple air pump and bubble wall will do this quite attractively.

If the temp goes higher than 80F I usually open the tops and turn on the ceiling fan. Evaporative cooling brings it down about 2F. You can also turn off the aquarium lights as those produce heat, too.
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Originally Posted by thekoimaiden View Post
A simple air pump and bubble wall will do this quite attractively.
Hahaha, that's a matter of opinion (says the guy who detests bubbles...)

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Originally Posted by Rip View Post
you can take a 1 liter bottle, fill it 2/3 full of water, freeze it, and then float it in your tank. as it thaws, it will cool the surrounding tank water.

i also live in phoenix, and in the summer it sucks being a fish tank owner. doing water changes takes a lot more ingenuity. for one, the water temp out of the tap can reach 85-90 degrees on the cold setting, much too warm to add to the tank, which is around 79-81 in the summer already. so i used to use the frozen bottle method to cool my new water, before adding it to the tank. but that could take 20-30 minutes for each 5 gallon bucket. then last year, i got a little smarter, and just started refrigerating 2-3 gallons of tap water the night before i was to do water changes. then the next day, i mix the right amount of warm tap water, with the 40 degree refrigerator water, to make my 79 degree tank water.
I have done the thing where I float a frozen water bottle in my tank. It didn't help very much though..

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