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I have been doing some reading, and it seems that if the water is treated with a chloramine, like Jones said, you will detect it with a test.

How can I tell if my tap water contains chlorine versus chloramine? Does it matter?

Yes, it matters. Everyone who keeps an aquarium needs to know this. There are 3 ways to tell for sure which one you have in your water. First, you can call customer service at your local waterworks and ask. Second, if you have a petstore where the employees know what they're talking about, you may be able to get an accurate answer there. Third, do an ammonia test on your tapwater. If it contains ammonia, then your waterworks is using chloramine.

And this is what I need to do for water changes:

How do I treat my water if it has chloramine?

You must use a product that neutralizes chloramine. This product should be able to break the chlorine-ammonia bond and detoxify both the chlorine and ammonia. There are many products marketed to do this, but two examples are Amquel and Tetra Aquasafe. You should also let the water stand overnight to equilibrate gasses and temperature.

I have Prime to treat the water and from what I've read, it should remove ammonia, so I should be ok.

Fish 4 All: He is acting fine now, so I don't think I need to do anything else, I was just curious.
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Originally Posted by GeeReg
I have Prime to treat the water and from what I've read, it should remove ammonia, so I should be ok.
Unfortunately not.

I cannot find the thread but one discussed dechlorinates quite a few months ago. I did "quite a bit" (not exhaustive but extensive) at that time and know that Prime does not remove ammonia.
Prime principally reduces the ammonia to what I believe is N2 (nitrogen gas), O2 (oxygen gas). Another product of this reduction is unfortunately nitrites.

Your original post was relevant to detectable concentrations of ammonia in your drinking water (and the main reason that I am responding to your post).
I hope that you called your potable water supplier and notified it of your observations as the extended consumption of potable water with a concentration 1 mg/l of ammonia is not good for GeeReg.

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The only product know of that removed ammonia is Amquel and then I don't even think it removes it either. It converts it to another form of something that is removed through water changes. Stick with prime and avoid the other chemicals to remove the unwanted stuff. It will make for a healthier aquarium in the long run.
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I got the report from the water company but it doesn't list ammonia in the tests. I asked a local aquarium and they said basically the same thing, that it's not common but not unheard of. Either way, it is sorting itself out as I checked the ammonia and it is at 0 now and it looks like a nitrite spike as best as I can tell, so maybe it is mini-cycling. I still can't get the nitrates down no matter how much water I change which is confusing. Anyway, we'll see what happens in the next few weeks. Thanks everyone.
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