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The light hood I have only supports 15w bulbs, the only 25w are UV. I found a few hoods that fit locally, but should I get incandescent or fluorescent?
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Originally Posted by RazorDX
The light hood I have only supports 15w bulbs, the only 25w are UV. I found a few hoods that fit locally, but should I get incandescent or fluorescent?
Fluorescent. Incandescent gives off too much heat and is not recommended for aquarium use.

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Incandescent is ok for many smaller tanks... i've been using them for many years and never had a problem. Just make sure there is a heater in the tank and the light isn't left on all the time.

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I have also been using the screw in compact flourescents on accasion and they work well. Just make sure to get bulbs that are rated at 6500K. Walmart carries them and so do some Home Depos. I have been bale to grow many plants with them and I know others that do really well with them. 25 watt screw in horseshoe shaped ones only rate at about 20 watts IMHO, compared to when I have tried 15 watts NO flourescent, it is just a little brighter and it is not near as bright as my 33 watts.

As for hair algae, I was getting staghorn really bad for about 2 weeks. I removed the DIY CO2 from my tank and the next thing I knew I had staghorn. I didn't realize that i still needed to dose PO4 because my tanks were still using a lot of nutrients. Since I dosed it 2 days ago, the staghorn has almost gone. Almost every time I get algae it is a PO4 problem and it is always that I haven't been dosing it. Give it a try, even if you only add 0.25ppm every other day to start with.
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