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Originally Posted by k19smith View Post
Do the strips give you any sort of numbers? What did you do to cycle the tank? I'm pretty sure you tank is just cycling, water changes making sure the numbers don't get to high for your fish is my idea not knowing much else right now. How much water are you changing and how often? This is not my area of expertise. lol

Ammonia strips indicate 1.0

Nitrates are 3.0

Again these are only strip numbers, I have not purchased the API kit yet....
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Originally Posted by BarbH View Post
Hello and welcome to TFK

As mentioned by others the cycling process can take awhile, especially depending on how you cycle the tank. When you are able please post the levels of your ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. The cloudiness that you are experiencing is probably a bacterial bloom, is it whitish in color? Definilty you will want to get a liquid test kit, as mentioned by another member API master test kit, is a good one and is used by many of the members here. Do you have any live plants in this tank? When doing filter maintenance you never want to change all of the filter media at the same time. If you are using an HOB you can rinse out the cartidge in old tank water.

With elevated ammonia and nitrites you will want to carry out water changes of 50%, 75-80% IMO is extreme and if changing out that much water should be done in a couple of water changes and not at one time. By doing the water changes you are diluting the ammonia and nitrites that are in the water. Also what is the ph of the water in the tank?

Here is a link to an article on bacteria in the aquarium which will help in understanding more about the cycling process and what is going on in your tank http://www.tropicalfishkeeping.com/f...91/#post757735


Carry out the water changes even though the bacteria bloom is in effect???
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Yes as long as your ammonia and nitrties are elevated especially anything that is over .25 ppm you will want to do water changes. The goal is to keep the ammonia or nitrites from building building up to levels that are harmful to the fish. The biggest thing with fish in cycle is to keep these levels as low as possible.
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I'm on it!!!!!
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Added a bottle of safe start and the tank is finally balanced!!!!! Thanks for all the advice!!!!
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Be careful using that stuff. Quick fixes from a bottle often times backfire and end up causing more problems than you started with. Just keep a very close eye on the fish and your parameters. I hope it works for you.
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With tetra safestart I have used it on two of my tanks. On my first tank I followed the directions that I had found online from a Q and A that was done on another forum with tetra. In this they said to not do any water changes for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, my ammonia, nitrites and nitrates were all high. I ended up carrying out some major water changes over the next few days to get the levels where they needed to be. The second time I used tetra safestart I did water changes on the tank when ever ammonia or nitrites called for one. In a couple of days of adding tetra safestart I was getting readings of nitrates in this tank. At the end of the two weeks I had a nitrite reading which with a water change it took care of that, and my tank was cycled. I would suggest that even with the tetra safestart to keep an eye on your water parameters and keep up with water changes as needed. The bacteria in the bottle will help your tank in establishing the bacteria that it needs in the tank, but levels can still get too high. If you want on my 50 gallon and my 20 gallon convict tank, are the tanks that I used tetra safestart on. I kept track of my testing and my water changes that I dd in the parameter and maintenence section. Doing the water changes in my opinion did not make the product less effective, and I felt that my fish were kept in a healthier environment by doing the water changes.
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