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Tank Size Sufficient?

I was wondering if I might have overloaded this aquarium. It is a 20 gallon long tank with a sand bottom. It's mostly open, with one decent sized Anubias plant in the back, and a couple of aquarium ornaments. The tank has six neon tetras, five peppered cory cats, and three red velvet platys. Is this too big a load for this tank?

I don't plan on adding any more fish, and only recently added the platys because the cory cats are the only fish swimming thoroughout the entire tank. The neon tetras rarely leave the vicinity of the anubias plant, even when the aquarium light is off. They pretty much hover near the plant all the time except at feeding time, when they will move around the tank for food. Most of the time you wouldn't even know the tank contained tetras.
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No, that's not too much, but I would not consider adding more.

The tetras likely don't enjoy open spaces, and feel safer with the plant to hide in. Some additional plants (real or fake) would likely get them to move around a little more.
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Put some more hiding places in your tank. The neons don't like all the open space. It seems kinda odd, but when fish figure out that there are plenty of places to hide, then they feel allot safer coming out in the open and swimming around.
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Thanks for the suggestion re: more hiding places. I'll add another plant in the gravel, and maybe a floating plant like Water Sprite.

Thanks again.
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Originally Posted by kc27 View Post
Thanks for the suggestion re: more hiding places. I'll add another plant in the gravel, and maybe a floating plant like Water Sprite.

Thanks again.
Very good ideas, indeed. Floatring plants are ideal in calming fish. Substrate-rooted too, something like pygmy chain sword would work well for you. And perhaps a chunk or two of wood; Malaysian driftwood is available in many stores and comes in different sizes. The corys will love this too.

And as I see you recently joined, welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping forum.


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Thanks - I'll look into the driftwood and getting a rooted plant. I did get some water sprite and left it floating.
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