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Tank questions

This is a discussion on Tank questions within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Btw, its a aqueon filter, are they good?...

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Btw, its a aqueon filter, are they good?
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YouTube - 36G Community Tank!

My fish tank!!
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Nice work for your first fishtank. Two things I noticed. The bubbler and your filter (the way it is breaking the surface) will drive more CO2 out of the water (surface disturbance and more action between water and air quickens the gaseous exchange that drives out CO2 and brings in oxygen). In a planted tank you want all the CO2 you can keep for the plants.

Second comment is the tetra, they are shoaling fish that should be in a group of 5 or 6 minimum. You've got space for more, but be careful; I couldn't quite tell from the photo if these are Serpae tetras (Hyphessobrycon eques) or another similar-looking Hyphessobrycon. If they are Serpae, they frequently tend to nip fins of other fish, and the gouramis will be a constant target. Sometimes this does not appeart in the beginning because the fish are adjusting to a new environment, but once they feel "settled" their truer behaviours start to show. If they are Serpae, this will mean considerable stress for the other fish in the tank, and that brings on health issues. Keep a close eye over the next couple of weeks; if you begin seeing any white-edges or fraying on fins of any of the fish, including the tetras themselves, they're probably Serpae.

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